Gavin MacLeod On His New Tell-All Memoir

    October 23, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Gavin MacLeod became well-known to most of us through his role as the captain of the Love Boat, but he enjoyed a very fruitful career in Hollywood throughout the ’60s and ’70s, and his new memoir details some of the best–and worst–times of his life.

MacLeod, who played Captain Stubing on the beloved show for ten years, talks about the famous faces that came and went in his life–including movie star Bette Davis–in “This Is Your Captain Speaking”. He says Davis was every bit the “star” after he invited her to dinner and ended up insulting his wife and arguing with another guest. And while the night didn’t go as planned, he says he got a great story out of it.

“We got a good story and a good laugh out of it,” he writes.

The 82-year old actor also talks about the lowest times in his personal life, including poor health–he’s suffered two heart attacks–and battling an alcohol addiction that ultimately ruined his marriage. Now, he says, he’s “grateful” that he was given another opportunity at life after coming through such hard times.

“That’s a big word in my life,” said MacLeod. “I’m just so grateful I’ve had another day, another day, another day, and that my kids are doing so well.”

MacLeod, who was a regular on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Hogan’s Heroes”, says he’s done with acting unless it has a decidedly Christian theme. The actor is a born-again Christian, something he shares with his longtime wife Patti Steele.

“That’s the only thing I want to do now. There’s a great purpose to doing those films. Nothing else interests me,” he said.

Image: KMIR

  • leslie horwinkle

    kelly’s hereo’s !!!

  • leslie horwinkle

    duh,i mean heroes

    • http://WebProNews DantheMan

      Funny ‘correction’ note. Love it.

  • Fred

    He appeared in Hogan’s Heroes but he never played the same character. He was in Kelly’s Heroes, among other WWII movies, and he was a regular on McHale’s Navy.

  • Mensaman

    McLeod was on McHale’s Navy, not Hogan’s Heroes.

  • http://www.christopherjlynch.com Christopher J. Lynch

    Not Hogan,s Heroes, he was on McHale’s Navy.

  • Jimimack

    He was not in Hogan’s Heros!! He was in the first couple of seasons of McHales Navy though! Best role was “Big Chicken” in Hawaii 5-0.

    • Suzette

      wrong he played 4 roles on series

  • Robert Clark

    Gavin’s homosexuality was kept very hush hush–that is until his first divorce when his wife revealed a long history of Gavin’s closeted, yet well know in the gay community–parties that were distinctly gay. Nothing wrong with that00but have a feeling his true sexuality will be swept under his shag carpeting. If anything, being openly gay might have gotten him roles and opportunities he got after the MTM show. The Love Boat was hardly a stretch for anyone yet Gavin made a killing from it. He’s hopelessly closetted, the poor dear.
    Wonder what his newest wife/beard thinks of his true bent? Maybe she has stars and dollar signs un her eyes and could care less if Gavin diddles chorus boys. There used to be quite a drinking problem, too…

    • Chaffer

      If there’s “Nothing wrong with that”, what was the point of your nasty little comments ?

      • http://WebProNews DantheMan

        No point intended. Just a twerpy comment from someone who probably was the class tattletale during Roberta’s youth.

    • joey zaza

      what the heck does that have to do with anything, I myself wouldn’t know how to pick a h out of a lineup and don’t care I am secure in myself

    • gayle ish

      Your entire comment was nasty. Why take the time to down someone? I’m sorry for you…

  • LJ

    I can’t remember the last time I read an item on any Internet site without there being an error in it! Gavin MacLeod was NOT a regular on Hogan’s Heroes. Doesn’t ANYBODY do their homework any more?
    That being said, I used to attend church with Gavin and Patti and got to know them well enough that they greeted my by name. They are both wonderful, down to earth people and I count it an honor to have known them.

    • JL

      LJ, I’m JL, But I wanted to point out that we are all human and you also made a mistake. In your comment you put “greeted my by name” instead of greeted me by name. Besides that what a thrilling thing to be acquainted with such a star. He was on “McHale’s Navy”.

    • Suzette

      Guess you don’t know him as well as you think because he was a regular guest star on Hogan’s playing four different characters showing his range of acting skills.

    • joey zaza

      I thought I was going nuts I knew he wasn’t a regular but was he a guest?

  • Mark

    He played a goofy, travelling jewelry salesman on Dick Van Dyke. I think the episode was titled “Empress Carlotta’s Necklace.” He sold Dick Van Dyke a huge, gaudy necklace for Laura, which she hated but didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

    • Suzette

      1961 – “Maxwell Cooley” and you got episode’s name correct

  • Grant

    I am a fan of his performance as Murray on the MTM Show. The entire show Love Boat was too watered down for me.

  • Suzette

    Gavin has been in TV and movies from 1957 – a lot of westerns, military and comedies.

    He was on Hogan’s Heroes for 4 episodes from 1965-1969 in four different roles “General Metzger, General von Rauscher, Major Kiegel and Major Zolle”.

    Prior he was on McHale’s Navy for 73 episodes from 1962-1964 as “Joseph (Happy) Haines” and in the 1965 movie McHale’s Navy joins the Air Force.

    AND in 1970 he played “Moriarty” in the film Kelly’s Hereos

  • Spacewaste

    I understand they’re gonna be coming up with a cure for baldness! If there were ever ANYONE who’d be a candidate to take advantage of it, IT WOULD BE THE “WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS QUEBALL” HIMSELF, FUGGIN’ GAVIN MACCLEOD!! Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bozzy Lewis

    I was convinced from a child he was gay ! Mannerisms, “Gaydar” up & all !

    • http://batman-news.com Sencho

      No doubt in my mind either. The alcoholism and religious zealotry were always attempts to distract from his very obvious sugar trail.

  • Sage

    this is news How, second rate actor, third rate religious wackadoodle