Gavin DeGraw’s New Album Getting Positive Reviews

    October 16, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Gavin DeGraw has penned some very catchy songs in recent years; from “I Don’t Wanna Be” to “Chariot”, his are the songs we find ourselves singing along to while enjoying some very deft piano-playing. His albums aren’t full of songs about love and lost love; rather, he mixes in lyrics about the questions we all ask ourselves at one time or another, big life changes, and soul-searching. And while his new album–Make A Move–is said to stay fairly close to the formulas he’s used before, the songs are getting some positive reviews by critics.

Move doesn’t stray far from his “I Don’t Want to Be” formula — it’s steeped in intricate piano hooks and his seductive, gravelly voice. But the title track is terrific, as is “Who’s Gonna Save Us,” wrote critic Henry Goldblatt. DeGraw says he used to be very uptight about writing music with other people, but ultimately opened up to it and has seen a lot of success with those songs; his fourth album includes some “autobiographical” songs, as well as tunes he wrote with OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder.

DeGraw recently performed “The Best I Ever Had” on “Today”, showcasing his talent for live performances and giving audiences a preview of the new album’s sound, which fans of Mumford & Sons might appreciate for the foot-stomping beats and heartfelt sentiment.

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Image: Today

  • Syd

    What about negative reviews?? Many fans are so disappointed by this change towards commercial sound and lyrics. This is definitely not Gavin’s music. How can you say, Mr. Goldblatt, that this album “doesn’t stray far from his ‘I Don’t Want to Be’ formula — it’s steeped in intricate piano hooks and his seductive, gravelly voice.”?? In Make A Move there’s almost no pure piano, all instruments and Gavin’s voice are distorted by electronic effects and beatbox… I understand Gavin’s need to make money through music, but I’d like him to do that making HIS music. These songs seem to be already heard, as we already have a plenty of cookie cutter pop singers out there that make this kind of music. Please Gavin, STAY UNIQUE!!!

    • Barbra Breslauer

      I enjoy the new album, “Make A Move” by Gavin DeGraw. I was not happy with, “Best I Ever Had” at first which was such a different sound for him. It grew on me though and once I got over myself I could really enjoy it. Some of the songs I love on the new album more than others. I think, “Make A Move” is just a progression from the, “Sweeter” album. I can’t wait to see if he does, “Leading Man” live. It is going to be a riot!

  • Jennifer Jones

    I firmly believe anything an artist afixes their name to atests to who they are and how they are viewing life at that particular moment of time. They have a right and should be encouraged to expand their artistic capabilities. Keep on making all the moves you need to fulfill your dreams. Thank you for your fantastic music, you and your band rule live.