Gateway Debuts Lighter, High-End Notebook

    April 1, 2005

Yesterday, Gateway Computers introduced 2 new notebooks, one of which, the M680, was designed to replace and improve upon their current top of the line mobile computer.

The M680 replaces Gateway’s M675, and features a number of hardware improvements including, the latest Intel Centrino Mobile technology and ATI Mobility RADEON X700 PCI Express graphics. Another improvement provided by Gateway is decreasing the weight of the M680 when compared to the 675. The new model is significantly thinner and weighs 7.7 pounds.

Dan Stevenson, Gateway’s vice president, product marketing, shared his thoughts, “With the launch of the new Gateway M680 notebook, we are once again upping the ante in the notebook market by delivering one of the most powerful and innovative new 17-inch widescreen notebooks available today. The M680 combines the performance you expect in a workstation or high-end desktop PC, with a notebook that doesn’t sacrifice size, weight or battery life.”

As indicated, the M680 also includes a 17-inch widescreen monitor. Roger Kay, vice president, client computing, IDC, has these comments about including such a monitor, “Widescreen format notebooks are increasingly sought after by both businesses and consumers. These generously sized machines let customers take advantage of extra screen real estate to view more data at once or enjoy a more compelling digital entertainment experience.”

The M680 comes in three styles: The Gateway M680S, which is priced at $1,399.99, the Gateway M680X, which carries a $1549.99 price tag, and the Gateway M680XL, which is priced at $2,864.99. Each choice of the M680 model contains faster processors, more RAM, and a higher end graphics card than the one below it.

Not only did Gateway improve upon their high-end model, they also debuted an updated and improved entry-priced notebook called the M360. The biggest improvement in the M360 is the inclusion of a 15.4-inch widescreen display. With this monitor, the M360 is optimized for DVD playback, offering owners 30 percent more horizontal display space over a standard 15-inch display.

Again, Gateway features three different formats of the M360: the S model, the X model, and the XL model. As expected, each designation is more robust than the previous, while also being more expensive.

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