'Gates' Proves Steve Jobs Isn't the Only One Who Deserves a Blockbuster Biopic

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Tomorrow brings the wide release of Jobs, the Ashton Kutcher-led Steve Jobs biopic. And some time next year, we'll get another Steve Jobs biopic - one penned by Aaron Sorkin based on the bestselling biography by Walter Isaacson.

But why is Steve Jobs getting all the love? I mean, besides the fact that he's recently deceased. What about another important tech figure? What about Bill Gates? Lucky for us, that Gates biopic may be in the making. Ok, not really. But this trailer for a fictional film called Gates is pretty hilarious.

"Here's to the normal people - the people who use a PC. Your aunt, your stepdad, the office of a car mechanic, people who love solitaire, people who don't mind having to reboot a startup disk."

I don't know about you. I'd watch it. Especially if they give significant screen time to Clippy.

[Official Comedy via Gizmodo]
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