Gary Oldman Watches Himself Repeatedly Die On Conan


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Buried alive in quicksand, shot in the head, thrown off an airplane in flight, taking a bullet to the midsection...

Gary Oldman has acted in 77 films throughout his illustrious screen career. But who would have known that the 56-year-old Brit died in 17 of those films? Conan O'Brien put together a montage clip of his many, many movie deaths for Oldman's appearance on the late night talk show on Tuesday. There probably wasn't enough time to compile all of them, however, the ones chosen are all extremely dramatic.

Oldman's high death total is most likely related to the fact that he has played a villain in many of his film roles. The clip features some tremendous death scenes including the gross one in Hannibal where Oldman gets eaten alive by hogs and the one in Dracula when he gets stabbed to death by Winona Ryder.

The video below shows Oldman watching his many screen deaths, looking mostly amused, especially at his demise in Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix. Warning to Harry Potter fans. You might have to turn away.

Oldman has turned his evil ways around just a bit over the past several years. He has played good guy Commissioner James Gordon in the Dark Knight films and of course Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies.

The classically-trained actor is currently out promoting the summer blockbuster Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Stephen Moyer from True Blood is scheduled to appear on Conan tonight. No word yet if Team Coco has put together a montage clip of all the people that Vampire Bill has killed over the show's six-plus seasons on HBO.

Image via Wikimedia Commons