Garth Brooks: Music and TV Special Announces Return

    November 29, 2013
    Aleyia Dixon
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One of the flashiest, biggest-selling country acts of all time is back with new music on Black Friday. Garth Brooks retired in 2001 to spend more time with his three daughters, and the 51-year-old country star is ready to hit the big stage again now that his youngest is preparing for her first year of college.

It looks like the world is ready; although Garth Brooks isn’t on Twitter, there are numerous Garth Brooks fan pages with thousands of followers. There is even an account solely dedicated to bring Garth Brooks back.

Brooks is keeping much of the details to himself on the particulars of his comeback, but he has just released a box set entitled Blame It All on my Roots: Five Decades of Influences. The limited, Walmart-exclusive box set contains six CDs, two DVDs and a 68-page photo booklet.

According to garthbrooks.com, the CDs hold Brooks’ smash hits and covers of songs by his favorite artists in various genres, including an album that features country music classics performed by Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood. The DVDs contain a live recording of his current three-year residency show at Wynn Las Vegas resort and casino as well as a compilation of Brooks’ videos.

Tonight, Garth Brooks shows his last concert at Vegas at 8 p.m. on CBS.

[Image: garthbrooks.com]
  • http://yahoo NeonJade

    Always knew he would be back….A star that bright cannot be dimmed forever…..cant wait to see what he does this time……

  • Mary Johnston

    It’s pretty good,the songs are excellent Garth is great!! but the microphone is very fuzzy, and maybe too close to his mouth… not good quality and bothers my ears enough to have to mute some of the sound and even inadvertently changed the channel…

    • Aleyia Dixon

      Thanks for checking in with that update, Mary!

  • Dennis L

    I like Garth Brooks and was looking forward to last night’s special but was greatly disappointed and couldn’t take the breathing heavily into the mic nor the frantic, hyper insane rambling for two hours. God awful.

  • Carmella

    I saw this show in Vegas a few years ago and this was not the same show at all! What I saw then was a calm Garth skillfully taking the audience through the songs and artists that influenced his own music. It was funny, insightful and thoroughly entertaining. At no time did he scream or leap around. I thought it one of the best shows ever. Last night was terrible…he reminded me of Howard Dean with his gut busting yells. I just wanted to say “calm down,”…he’s too great for such silliness.

  • http://www.thediscjockeys.net TDJ

    Great news about Garth!
    Glad that he’s back on the track.