Garth Brooks Facing Legal Action in Ireland

    March 7, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Garth Brooks might soon be facing legal action from residents in Dublin, Ireland who don’t want him holding concerts in Croke Park. Those residents have already notified the concert organizers of potential legal action.

It was via an open letter that the media learned of the pending legal action. Written by the Croke Park Residents Committee, they claim the concerts breach some existing clauses in their bylaws.

“There was no consultation with our group prior to the announcement of the Garth Brooks concerts by your company,” they say, “or the Croke Park Stadium Company or anyone else involved with you in the Garth Brooks concert promotion.”

The letter goes on to imply legal action will be taken if the Garth Brooks concerts aren’t cancelled.

“There is the very real prospect that this matter will be taken to the courts to be adjudicated on,” it reads.

The letter even goes so far as to suggest a new place for Brooks to perform. They’ve dubbed it “The Bruce Plan,” and claim if it was good enough for Bruce Springsteen it should be good enough for Garth Brooks as well.

“This was good enough for Bruce Springsteen and it should be good enough for Garth Brooks”, the letter says.

The singer announced in January that he was getting ready to go out on a new world tour–with three dates at Dublin’s Croke Park. Two additional dates were added as well when tickets sold out fast and Irish fans showed overwhelming enthusiasm.

Now a mediator has been hired to work with the Croke Park committee and see if some kind of deal can be struck.

“We are determined to reach a long term agreement around the staging of events in Croke Park,” says Paraic Duffy–the Gaelic Athletic Association Director General. The GAA runs the Croke Park venue.

Will Garth Brooks get to perform at Croke Park or will he be relegated–as was Bruce Springsteen–to Plan Bruce?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • BGS

    Red Solo Cup…Garth Brooks ?? Really ?? Get Your Facts Together !! RSC was Toby Keith.

  • Kelly

    He played there before, whats the problem this time???

  • notacountrymusicfan

    Sorry, but it was Toby Keith who sang Red Solo Cup, not Garth Brooks. Maybe you shouldn’t have a country singer there if you don’t even know that much!

  • LKing

    OMGGG What nitwits!! Toby Keith does Red Solo Cup….. Apparently Ireland missed the memo. Nevertheless……they should welcome our artists with open hands!!

    • LKing

      And open arms~ :-) Garth Brooks and Toby Keith are fantastic!

  • garthfan1

    wow you’d think journalist would at least get the facts correct before releasing the story …and he played there years ago now it is an issue ???

  • KK Green Bay

    Kimberly, Red Solo Cup was Toby Keith. That is such a simple fact. How can we believe anything else in this article?

  • Kyle

    Red Solo Cup!?!?