Gangnam Style Is Now the Most-Liked YouTube Video in History

    September 21, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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First, he took over YouTube. Then, he took over mainstream television. Now, he’s the proud owner of a Guinness World Record.

South Korean rapper PSY has just set a new YouTube-based record with his megahit “Gangnam Style” – the most likes in history with 2,141,758 (and growing).

That bests the previous record holder, LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” which has 1.5+ million likes. Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” come in at #3 and #4.

As of the writing of this article, “Gangnam Style has 2,227,650 likes and 96,838 dislikes. The video has been viewed 227,450,628 times and currently sits at the top for the YouTube 100 for this week. It sits just beyond YouTube’s top 30 most-viewed videos (across all categories) of all time.

“Having been the ‘Have you seen this?!’ video of the last two months across the web, it’s great to be able to award a record for this tremendously popular video. In years past it was unthinkable that something would be viewed a million times, and now “Gangnam Style” has achieved more than twice this figure in just 3 months on YouTube,” said GWR’s Dan Barrett.

I’m sure that if you tallied up all of the views from all of the videos based on “Gangnam Style” (remixes, parodies, mashups, etc.), we’d be flirting with close to a billion Gangnam-related views. It has truly become a cultural phenomenon.

  • Paul STL

    I have addicted this video for three weeks. Psy—Genius!

  • John Richards

    Being the latecoming luddite that I am, I just learned about this video today. I’m at a loss for words, and not in a good way. If anyone can tell me what about the song or the video was sufficiently appealing to be worth all this attention, I’d be all too happy to learn, because right now I’m questioning my own sanity.

    • Nicole

      You answered your own question – it’s fabulously awful. Sometimes, the worst things are the best.

    • nemoskull

      its cuz it so stupid. he’s not cut, ripped or gangster rich. he looks like the avrage guy, but it takes some balls to rock that kind of stupid. its appealing to most of us who want to be cool, but dont have the looks, money or boobs to do it.

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  • Eddie

    cnt believ am watching this….its insane…in a good way..!!!!