Gaming Blogs Abuzz Over Reviewer’s Firing

    November 30, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Jeff Gerstmann’s negative review of massively promoted Eidos title Kane & Lynch: Dead Men may have contributed to his dismissal as gaming editorial director from CNet’s Gamespot.

Jeff Gerstmann Bloggers have been asking the same question: was Gerstmann fired for giving Kane & Lynch a less than positive video review. Though neither Gerstmann nor CNet will discuss his change in employment status, the Internet has plenty of people who will do it for them.

A Kotaku tipster said Gerstmann offended Eidos with the “tone” of a video review he did of the game. CNet allegedly fired him on the spot.

However, a Joystiq post said a CNet spokesperson provided a general comment that the company does not terminate people “based on external pressure from advertisers.” The company would not comment on Gerstmann’s specific circumstances.

Considering the opening minute of Gerstmann’s video, where he derides the characters and gameplay of Kane & Lynch, one would expect the game publisher to be less than thrilled with their huge ad campaign being undercut by the 21st Century version of the boy who points out the emperor is really in a state of undress.

But as the Rock, Paper, Shotgun blog noted, “there must be more to it” than what the flying rumors suggest. Unfortunately, Gerstmann isn’t talking yet.

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