Gamers Sticking With XP, Searching For Wii

Ownership and search stats declare clear winners

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Go to a retailer like Target early some morning, and you’ll likely find a group of non-employees waiting to be let in.  When the doors open, a race to the electronics department ensues, and the cashiers get busy.  So since gamers are so willing to spend money, two new reports take a look at where their interests lie.

Let’s talk about in-use operating systems first.  According to Steam’s latest monthly hardware survey, XP dominates.  Its market share, though down a bit since October, remains more than twice the size of what Vista has captured.  And PC-imposed restrictions appear to have little to do with the state of things, as dual- and quad-core machines were common in Steam’s sample.

 Steam Hardware Survey Results

If Microsoft doesn’t manage to make Windows 7 something special, the company appears ready to encounter a rather serious problem.

Then there’s the matter of searches for game consoles.  Microsoft’s doing a bit better in this regard – Hitwise says its Xbox 360 ranks third with a share of 15.6 percent.  Sony sweeps up the next four spots with the Playstation 3, PSP, PSP 3000, and Playstation 2.

But the real winner is Nintendo, with the Wii and DS Lite grabbing market shares of 36.7 and 26.4 percent, respectively.  And sure enough, if you do some early-morning shopping, these products are what most of the rabid customers will be after, too.

Gamers Sticking With XP, Searching For Wii
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  • http://5cardtexasholdem.info/free-poker-games/play-free-online-video-poker Fun Video Poker Game!

    For the 1st time ever (that I have seen anyways!), Microsoft is adverting windows.co.uk on the telly!

    Thought that was kinda weird with the sheer size of them!

  • http://www.thehighheelstore.com High heel Freak

    Every time Microsoft releases a new OS they go way overboard with it. Vista has way too many whistles, horns and bells. Why doesn’t Microsoft release a stripped down OS and have everything as an add on or even a paid add on? This would make gamers happy and also the people who only use their computers to surf the internet and check email happy. Let the people decide what they want their OS to do by letting them download what add ons they want and only the add ons they want. Stating that an OS can do this and that is only good if that person does this and that and is a turn off to people who don’t. The more the OS can do out of the box, the fewer people they are targeting. Would you buy a car set up only for drag racing? Probably not, but you may buy that same car if it was stock. Why does Microsoft believe people are going to buy an OS that is bogged down with items they will never use?

  • http://www.diamondonnet.com/ Diamonds

    The Wii is just a fun and interactive game, i can see why they are number 1. And it keeps the people playing it on their toes unlike traditional consoles.

  • http://www.posicionarsitio.es H

    Well, let me tell you all that I personally don’t like Vista. It look likes fireworks. Once you meet it, you say “Wow!” but after a while you start (continue) hating this soft.

    I think I do like mostly of us. Continue with my XP and my Vista but looking for anxiously Windows 7


  • http://www.doggybehave.com/dogs_natural_behavior.php Sam Nichols

    the thing is, XP is more stable and has being updated alot, so there is less flaws, where as Vista, its just something fancy looking, with alot of holes to be filled

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