Galaxy S II's Facebook App: Samsung's Latest Jab At Apple

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Hey, remember these commercials?

You probably do because it was pretty effective in establishing the "cool" cult of personality that most people identify with Mac while simultaneously categorizing PCs as a square, inadequate, and just not very hip to be seen with.

The thing is, Apple may have done too good of a job with this ad campaign, and their competitors have been taking notes. You may have heard about the patent dispute currently going on between Samsung and Apple and, more amusingly, have likely seen Samsung's latest commercial for their Galaxy S II:

Yup. Samsung is trying to turn the cafeteria tables on Apple by taking a page out of Apple's own playbook. I gotta admit, that's a pretty bold swipe Samsung took with their new commercial by accentuating the risible and affected archetype so often associated with Apple's legion of fans. Stepping up this spirit fight of the hip tech culture, Samsung has now released a Facebook app where users can compare specs of the new Samsung Galaxy S II with the iPhone 4S as well as... an old cordless phone from the 80s and a couple of cans attached by a string. The app also allows visitors to post comments about how much cooler they think the Galaxy S II is than the iPhone4S. While the campaign grabs your attention pretty quickly, there's also this uncomfortable suggestion of techno-virility (or impotence, depending on which device you use) loaded in each of their tag-lines on this app:


"I'm experiencing serious phone envy."

"It's so thin... and that screen is massive!"

See where that's going yet? Thought so.

Still, lumping the newest iPhone in with examples of communication devices you'd find in an Acme Corporation catalog is a pretty hilarious move from Samsung. It remains to be seen whether it's effective enough to even cause a blemish on Apple's shining armor of cool, but this is a pretty good start. What do you think of this latest move in Samsung's ad push for the Samsung Galaxy S II? Effective or egregious? Leave your comments below