Galaxy Nexus Release Date Delayed By Verizon

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What's new, you might ask?

As the official U.S. release date still hangs in confirmation limbo, Verizon sources have told CNET that the Galaxy Nexus has once again been delayed by Verizon. Earlier this week we heard rumors that the Ice Cream Sandwich-enabled smartphone would land in the U.S. on Friday, December 9th. Those leaked documents were from an "authorized Verizon retailer" that said the selling of the device could not begin until 12/9/11.

CNET's Verizon sources say that most Verizon stores thought that they would begin selling the Galaxy Nexus on Friday, but are now hearing that the release will be delayed.

Of course, "delayed" might suggest that there was even a set release date to begin with. Verizon continues to say that they haven't officially announced a U.S. release date for the highly-anticipated device whenever asked about it. All we know is that it's going to be fairly soon, as Samsung has confirmed a December release.

Supposed leaked screenshots indicate that the device will be arriving at Best Buy on December 11th. This doesn't mean that sales would begin at that time, just that they would physically have the hardware under their roofs by then.

When the phone finally launches in the U.S., all indications point to a $300 price tag at official Verizon retail outlets. It's probably not going to get much cheaper anywhere else as a leaked Costco document suggests that the Galaxy Nexus will launch there for $289.99 with a new two-year agreement.

We have also learned that the Galaxy Nexus probably won't be launching with Google wallet, even though Verizon denies that they are the reason why.

Who's still waiting for the Galaxy Nexus? Has anyone, unable to wait any longer, succumbed to the temptation to purchase another hot new smartphone? Let us know in the comments.

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