Galaxy Nexus Gifted To Google Employees, Features Customized Design

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It appears to be an Ice Cream Sandwichey holiday season for Google employees. At least some Google offices around the world are giving out free Galaxy Nexus handsets to employees, and the devices are even customized.

A photo album titled "Galaxy Nexus Holiday Gift" has popped up on the Google+ account of Swiss office software engineer Edu Pereda. "I have just received Google Holiday Gift from this year. I have taken some pictures to make you jealous," he said in a post early Monday morning.

Here's the customized back of the phone given to the employees:

And here are some Google employees waiting patiently for their device:

It appears that this Galaxy Nexus gifting is occurring at Google offices around the globe. I spotted a post about the Nexus this morning from a mobile ads guy from Google's Dublin offices. The Next Web spotted some chatter about the gifts from an engineer at Google's London offices.

It seems logical to expect this Galaxy Nexus gifting to continue across the globe.

After a little bit of a wait, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was finally released here in the States on December 15th. Unfortunately for non-Google employees, the regular Verizon version of the device isn't available with all of those neat little icons on the back.

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