Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Look Revealed: Are You Excited?

    July 26, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Comic book and comic book movie fans have been waiting with bated breath for YEARS to see the iconic character Wonder Woman on the big screen.

Now, we’ve been gifted our first look at Gal Gadot as the legendary Amazonian princess in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.

At the San Diego Comic Con, Gadot’s Wonder Woman is featured in one of three large posters. The other two include Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman.

The image is noticeably dark, almost brownish in color. It’s definitely in keeping with the “dark and gritty” visual theme that DC movies are going for at the moment.

The look almost makes it appear as if Wonder Woman’s uniform is brown.

Before anyone takes this image to be a literal interpretation, it’s possible that the classic color scheme will be used in the movie. If you look closely, you can see sort of the red, blue and gold colors.

Although noticeably absent are the stars. Hmm, too much perhaps?

In any case, there appeared to be some gripes here or there from fans about the length and body of Wonder Woman’s hair or the fact that she’s wearing heels.

After looking over the costume, I have to say it’s probably as realistic a look for the classic comic character as can be achieved on the big screen while staying true to the source material.

It’s just nice to see that she gets to have a sword AND her trademark lasso.

It must be said that whether Gadot realizes it or not this is a make or break interpretation.

As upset as some comic fans may have been with the Elektra and Catwoman movies, that’s nothing compared to the rage that will ensue if Wonder Woman falls flat.

Hollywood has been notoriously lazy when it comes to women comic characters, but Wonder Woman is going to have to be an exception. She is the third most known AND beloved DC character after Superman and Batman.

This first glimpse has left some hopeful, but we’ll have to wait and see how well the Amazonian heroine translates on screen.

Were You Impressed By This Image? Do You Think Gal Gadot Has What It Takes To Be Wonder Woman Or Not? Comment Below!

Image via YouTube

  • Roger Griffith

    Give Gal Gadot a chance. She is the perfect choice. Much of the scepticsim is because she is an unknown to many. For those unfamiliar with her http://VineSnap.net/#galgadot

    • Kevin McKnight

      How is this skinny little thing perfect? She sure as hell isn’t beautiful enough. She has no figure and can’t act. You couldn’t get a more horrible choice. It isn’t that anyone is unfamiliar with her. It’s the fact that there is nothing about her that even resembles Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter was an unknown as well and she was perfect. She had the figure the beauty the BLUE eyes. This is going to be a big fat FAIL.

      • Kino Reynolds

        You know, aside from that full figure and those blue eyes, Lynda wasn’t a great actress at all.

        • super brisket

          No one and not even Lynda claimed she was a great actress. Are you thinking of Oscar or Emmy? But Lynda is the bar by which this new so-called Wonder Woman is being measured against. Lynda embodied the Wonder Woman we were familiar with in comics. This Gadot on teaser press releases does not even come close.

        • Kevin McKnight

          Maybe not the best but it was her debut role. There was at the time nothing else to base her skills on. Gal has other films under her belt and in all of them she sucked. The best part of her performance in Fast and Furious 6 was when she was killed off. Add that to the fact that she looks NOTHING like the character you have the formula for a big fat FAIL. With Lynda you believed that she was Wonder Woman because she was the complete image of her. With Gal there is nothing to believe in.

          • Haha

            she’s up against Afleck, how much does she have to act to be better than him?

          • Kevin McKnight

            True! Ha ha. Let’s face it. The entire movie is going to suck.

  • viper

    Hopefully, she can act. Otherwise, I’m not buying it. Other than being a brunette, physically, she looks nothing like Wonder Woman. Clearly, whoever selected this woman has never seen Wonder Woman. WW is actually pretty muscular and athletic. Its part of that whole “Amazonian thing”. I see no muscle tone on this woman. This woman looks more like a super skinny model, now WW.

    • Kino Reynolds

      …all depends on which version…

      • super brisket

        yeah, the skinny park avenue type model version

      • Kevin McKnight

        What version of Wonder Woman are you looking at. There has only ever been one version. Tall, statuesque, blue eyed, with long flowing dark hair. Wonder Woman has always made a presence. Pick up a comic book. Educate yourself before making statements

  • Peggy Barta

    NO, *THIS* is NOT Wonder Woman. This is a XENA rip-off… C’mon, Hollywood guys, can’t you think of anything ORIGINAL???

    • Kino Reynolds

      Zena actually came out YEARS after WW…technically this outfit is closer to the Themiscran look that WW probably had before leaving…

      • Kevin McKnight

        Based on the comic books Wonder Woman never had this costume or anything that even resembled this. That is what the movie producers need to base the character on is the comic. Not what she “probably” would have worn. Plus it is Xena with an X.

  • Patrick Wagner

    Hope it leads to a Wonder woman movie

  • IA

    Gal Gadot is the most inappropriate choice.Dark eyes, skinny figure, of a model instead of Wonder woman’s looks and voluptuous figure. Nowhere close to the perfect figure and blue eyes Lynda Carter had. This is a drastic change I would never approve of . Xena was also a perfect choice in her role.

  • Kailen Lee Mitchell

    Terrible costume. It is way to reminiscent of Xena. No interpretation of Wonder Woman should have such a dark costume unless she is an alternate universe evil version of the character.