Gal Gadot Rocks the New Wonder Woman Costume

    July 28, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Gal Gadot sure does fill out that new Wonder Woman costume well.

A photo of the Israeli beauty in the costume was revealed during San Diego’s Comic-Con over the weekend.

Gadot, 29, who was born and grew up in Rosh HaAyin, Israel, will play the iconic role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the reveal of the costume was the talk of the event.

Surprisingly, this is the first time Wonder Woman, a.k.a Diana Prince, will make her big screen appearance, but Gadot has reportedly already signed on to play the super heroine in future sequels, including the upcoming Justice League film.

Gadot is best known for her role as Gisele Yashar in three installments of the Fast and Furious franchise until her character was killed off in Fast 6.

Dawn of Justice will also feature Ben Affleck in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Director Zack Snyder has been sharing a slew of photos from the upcoming film on his Twitter page over the past week, including pics of Gadot and Affleck in costume.

Fans of the superheroes will still have to wait a bit for the release of Batman v Superman โ€” it’s not scheduled to hit theaters until May 6, 2016.

Even though the world has two years to anticipate the movie, predictions are already circulating that the movie will be a major hit. Some sources, including Forbes magazine, say it could make no less than $750 million.

Perhaps it will be worth the wait.

Image via Gal Gadot, Twitter

  • Jay K

    She looks like Erica Durance when “Smallville” had a convention episode. Erica looked as good or better

  • Jeff

    In the next movie Batman and Superman will team up to help wonder woman fight anorexia.

    • Shawn

      haha good one

    • Shelly Roth

      haha! Nice! such an EPIC FAIL on this one! Linda Carter is rolling her eyes right about now! if the title did not tell you this was ‘supposed’ to be Wonder Woman, who the heck would have a clue???

      • OC

        Christ almighty, would you people give the Lynda Carter talk a rest already? She is not the only one who can play the role. Star spangled underwear might have been great for a cheesy 70s TV show, but it wouldn’t work now. Just give this a chance before you trash it. What’s wrong with doing that?

        • Laura Lewis

          No she isnt but she is a hard act to follow, but they do need a Woman to play Wonder Woman.. Lynda was tall perfectly built not to thin not to muscled and a beautiful face. This woman is avg at best and the costume isnt even close to ww. Yes take some liberties but when one cant recognize the character without someone telling you it is not good.

        • InvisibleZombie

          I wish people would stop with the “comic spandex wouldn’t work now onscreen”. We know this HOW? From all of the previous big screen attempts at Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Arrow, Atom, Red Tornado… oh wait, they’ve never even tried! Because Cathy Lee Crosby’s 1974 look went over so well? Nope, not that.

          Yeah even I’m smart enough to not put Billy Zane in a purple body stocking on a big screen, but stop saying it won’t work when no one has even tried! Fortunately I think this is just her pre-WW outfit anyway. I’m not seeing that she has “it” yet, but I’ll wait and see.

          • Shawn Patrick

            They tried in the original Superman movies and NO ONE was bothered by it one bit. Still looks good today. Same with Spider-Man…they added some texture to keep it from looking like a cheap costume, but it’s still just tights and it looks great. So the only times they have tried it, it worked.

          • InvisibleZombie

            Yep Shawn! I was trying to keep my post brief so I thought it went without saying that their have been obvious successes at very literal interpretations like Reeve or strategical tweaks like Keaton’s Batman and Spider-Man! Even the great cosplayers have shown how easy it is. I’ve just always felt that going back to that 1974 WW TV movie that Hollywood often “hesitates”, they have a spandex-phobia. Made even harder to understand seeing how they went from a Catwoman smash with Michelle Pfeiffer to a dismal all-time low with Halle Berry!

            (I just made myself look up who was responsible for that Catwoman atrocity! Angus Strathie, who amazingly won an Oscar for “Moulin Rouge!”. Win some, lose some I guess.)

        • Shawn Patrick

          Nothing, but the assertion that the classic costume that’s worked for 75 years suddenly couldn’t work in 2014 is moronic.

        • Robert Thompson

          Same argument can be said about Christopher Reeve and Superman. People need to get over the idea that the whole campy, cheesy superheroes from the 60’s & 70’s worked then but don’t work now. The movies need to evolve just like the comic books have. You want ‘holy whatever batman’ lines go back and watch Adam West, you want ‘good golly, that’s swell’ superman lines, go back and watch Christopher Reeve. And stay away from the new incarnations because people obviously can’t handle the changes.

        • joe Knight

          OC , Because Wonder woman of DC comics was suposed to be a 6 ft tall half Amozon half godess warrior herion. Gadot does not fit the build.

          • falcon1282

            And Wolverine is suppose to be 5’3″ (Hugh Jackman is 6’2″). Whats your point?

            Movies are different interpretations of the comics.

      • giznad138

        Uh, go re-watch Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, she wasn’t exactly muscular either, she was pretty thin in the first season. So I don’t understand why everyone brings her up like she’s this amazing Wonder Woman. Yes, she was fine and all, for a cheesy 70s tv series but that wouldn’t fly in this new film. And also, Wonder Woman isn’t going to leave Themyscira wearing the red white and blue, she isn’t American, you know? I’m sure they’ll come up with a patriotic attire for her at a later time.

        • Laura Lewis

          Linda had a womans body always those boobs and again a beautiful face and eyes that were special. This woman isnt any of those things.

          • Jean Paul Mokuolu

            The costume is very good. Just the woman is too thin. And why the hell they gave her high heels is beyond me. Not exactly practical to fight in. That could be forgiven but She is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to thin though.

          • InvisibleZombie

            Yeah I’m guessing this is her Paradise Island or whatever they use to introduce Diana as, but heck even Xena knew well enough to wear flat boots! Now, if they whip up a red, white and blue outfit for her later on I’ll want some heels.

          • Shawn Patrick

            I hate the high heels. It’s the worst thing about the costume, but it’s hardly a mystery why they did it. Wonder Woman sports high heels more often than not and has for the past 70+ years.

      • JEFFREY

        Should have been Jaimie Alexander she was amazing as sif in the thor movies and she fits the role quite well.

        • falcon1282

          Sorry but Jaime Alexander is the same height and weight as Gal Gadot (5’9″, 128 lbs).

          • JEFFREY

            I don’t recall mentioning height and weight as the reason. I was more talking about her qualities as a actress . Jamie was incredible in the scence she had in thor 2 so much so that she displayed more chemistry with hemsworth then the main love interest . I think gal gladot was incredibly bad in fast movies she looked hilarious as the supposed “badass chick role” .

          • falcon1282

            I haven’t seen the fast & furious movies so I don’t have any prior opinion on Gal. Just saying it doesn’t hurt to go into things with an open mind.

  • monkeymanstones

    “the return of Ben Affleck in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman”? How could he return to a role he has never played?

    • frank

      its easy Moron, the first will be Batman vs Superman, Then “Dawn Of Justice”. Read the article!

      • morefiend

        Hey “moran” Batman V Superman is subtitled “Dawn Of Justice: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2975590/?ref_=nv_sr_1

      • Robert Thompson

        Ok, first off, Affleck can’t return to a role he’s never played, ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is the first, and so far, only time he’s ever played Batman/Bruce Wayne. Are you sure YOU read the article?

    • InvisibleZombie

      Yeah, I learned a few years back not to read internet articles for their literary skills! It shouldn’t take a wonder writer to simply phrase it as “the return of Bruce Wayne/Batman with Ben Affleck in the role”! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      (Or “in the role this time around”, etc.)

  • bob2

    That picture of Batman the close one is so awesome.

    Batman equals pain, triumph, justice.

    It’s like he knows what he has to do and knows it won’t be easy and he is going to get hurt. But he still does it.

    “Because he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right
    now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our
    hero. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.”

  • Shelly Roth

    this is the ABSOLUTE WORSE vision of Wonder Woman I have EVER seen! this skinny chic does NOT fill out this costume! do you need to borrow my glassess???? TERRIBLE, just awful! bad choice and the costume is a disgrace to the Wonder Woman universe!!!

    • OC

      You take this stuff way too seriously. Get out once in a while.

      • Matthew Hickey

        Says the guy who has so little life that he trolls people on Wonder Woman articles.

        • Jason Jones

          says the guy who trolls the trolls…

          • martin


    • nathrotep

      I kind of like the costume in a sort of ‘just off the island’ sort of way, but you’re right about the actress. She will need to put on much more muscle mass than that to become a believable Wonder Woman.

    • Jean Paul Mokuolu

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with the costume, just the woman in it. this is terrible casting. Too skinny. Gal is beautiful, but problem is she isnยดt wonder woman beautiful and she is far too skinny.

  • funwithanerd

    Have to disagree, I will be passing on this movie.

    • OC

      Well there goes the box office.

      • funwithanerd

        Smart ass….LOL

    • BlackSuave

      I’ll watch it ONLY to point, laugh, and ridicule it all to hell.

      Cavil’s going to have to carry this movie…BIG TIME!!

  • Kae

    She looks like a Xena wannabe. Can’t they be a little more original than that?

    • vDNL

      You do know WW had that exact appearance 40+ years before Xena?

      • Kae

        Um…no. She never looked like that. In 1941 (Sensation Comics), she wore a mini skirt like outfit and it has always been red/white/blue.

        In 1974, 40 years ago, Cathy Lee Crosby stared as Wonder Woman and her outfit was NOTHING like Xena.

        So yeah…no.

  • Mercy Killing

    “Gal Gadot sure does fill out that new Wonder Woman costume well.”

    …..no, she doesn’t. Casting people would have made a far better choice by doing an image search on Google for “female fitness models” and picking from there instead of casting this waifish, anorexic actress as an amazon princess.

    • BlackSuave

      Yep. That’s what I said long ago. These roles don’t have to have big names to them. Many of the people would prefer people who LOOK LIKE the characters, not some forced Hollywood face into a role.

      There’s nothing about Gadot that says ‘Wonder Woman’, except the fact that she’s a woman.

  • kp22kc

    I think she looks great and I’m sure the costume will have more color when the actual movie comes out. People are gonna complain no matter what. She isn’t too skinny. Wonder Woman is not a muscle bound character. Gadot is the same height as Lynda Carter so you can’t really complain about that.

    • joe Knight

      kp22kc, you may wan to go buy a few WW comics ,she is very muscular in the comics ( not frmale bodybuilder muscular,but athletic muscular) and was supose to be around 6 feet tall.
      Just because an actress is beautiful and has a decent fan base doesn’t mean she right dfor the part

      • kp22kc

        I googled Wonder Woman comics and looked at probably 100 different pictures by different artists. In all the pictures I looked at she is slightly muscular, just like Gadot is slightly muscular. I’m sure she is 6 feet in the heels. Personally, I’m not in her fan base because I had never even heard the name before she was cast as WW. I’ll go into this movie with an open mind. If you happen to be on the Gina Carano as Wonder Woman bandwagon, hop on down from there, because I have seen her in a movie and her voice was terrible. Monotone the whole time. I would have been furious if she had been cast. Also, I’m not a comic fan. I’m a fan of the Justice League cartoon series, the old Lynda Carter series and Super-Friends, but I hated her voice in that too. I always thought she sounded like someone’s mother.

        • joe Knight

          Gadot is not slightly muscular, there is no muscle on her anywhere. Dc comics list WW as 6ft tall(not the heels) and 165lbs/ Gadot is no where near that.

          • kp22kc

            I have a feeling that they could have found the perfect woman to play WW and you would still have something to complain about. What are your feelings about Lynda Carter? To me she was the perfect choice at the time.

          • joe Knight

            kp22kc, firstly what just you did is a ” ad hominem” .2ndly your absolutely wrong.
            I applaud when casting is done correctly.
            I though Afflect was a lousy Daredevil, but though Ducan was awesome as kingpin.
            I fully supported Cadell as superman ( happy they got rid of that skinny model actor in superman returns.)

            Thought that Amy Pemberton was great casting as lady Sif in Thor(and also thought that she would have made a decent Wonderwoman.

            I thought Patrick Stewart was perfect for Professor Xavier when I herd he would be playing the roll.Casting can in fact make or break a film just as a good or bad script can

  • gregge

    The well known woman who has the looks closest to Wonder Woman is….

    Katy Perry. I was at Staples today and they’re running some drawing for concert tickets and there she was on a life size cardboard standup. I looked at it and instantly thought “She has the perfect looks for Wonder Woman!”.

    • Rodney Elkins

      Check out Lynn Collins.

      • gregge

        Could do but has a bit of a pointy chin.

  • newguy68

    Why are we still using the term “rocks”? Are we back in Middle School ??

  • Belaam

    Gal Gadot plays the part of a starving street urchin who steals Wonder Woman’s outfit and is horribly disfigured when her radius snaps from the effort of trying to pick up a sword weighing more than 10 pounds.

    I like the uniform running with the Roman motif; that makes sense for the character. Snyder loves washing out colors, but theoretically there’s some blue in the skirt part of it and red in the top. If those are metal shin guards and not thigh-high boots, that works too. The wedge/heels seem kinda dumb for a melee brawler, but comics love doing that stupidity. Considering the male costuming, she might have the best of the trio. And sadly, as it’s likely to be PG or PG-13, she’s going to be one of those annoying sword masters who never actually cut anyone (looking at you, Leonardo).

    But Gal Gadot does NOT “rock” or “fill out” that costume. She looks like a scrawny, photogenic teen cosplayer, not someone who could actually hold their own in a fight.

    • Shawn Patrick

      I think you’re just used to only being around fat chicks. Or you’re confused about your sexuality and want to see a roided up Wonder Woman with a dudes body.

      NO version of Wonder Woman looks like she could hold her own in a fight with a giant Superman-sized super-villain, and yet she does…her power is due to magic, not muscle.

      • joe Knight

        Shawn Patric you need to pick up some WW comics. In fact see if you can get hold of the old marvel -dc cross over where spider man meets wonderwoman. She was a head taller and wider than spider man and she is muscular,
        And dc gives her stats on her size. Gadot isn’t even close.

    • gregge

      Google “What did Historical Swords Weigh?” Nowhere near 10 pounds, none of them, not even the biggest decorative parade sword was anywhere near that heavy. Most one hand swords at most 3 pounds. 4 pounds was on the heavy end for a hand and a half or a two hand “bastard” sword. The heaviest recorded weight for any sword actually made for combat is around 4.5 pounds and would only have been used by really big guys.

      Now you know, and knowing means you must smack people in the back of the head when they mention “10 pound sword”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Belaam

        Hyperbole; Gadot is slender, not starving. You need 1600-4500 pounds of force to break a bone. Swords didn’t weigh ten pounds. But thanks for the excuse for me to google all that; there’s my something learned for the day. :)

  • Reality Bites

    Head to toe hideous.

  • John

    its just kind of meh, the costume is decent enough but she looks like she’s starving, she honestly looks like a background extra in 300 or something

  • Bass_Ackwards

    We have different interpretations of the phrase “fill out”, she’s more like an attractive clothe’s hanger for the outfit. But she’s a pretty gal, and I’ll grant that yes, she still looks pretty with the Wonder Woman costume draped over her waifish body.

  • The Movie Man

    Ok it’s a photo of the costume (highly photoshopped i’m sure) this still doesn’t address the real issue. The girl can’t act! She was dreadful to listen to the FF series every time she opened her mouth I just wanted to slap her. Yeah the pic looks great but I will reserve true judgment until we actually she her in action

  • CAS

    Taylor Cole would have been perfect for the part. I don’t find Gadot that attractive.

  • Erick Torres-Ronquillo

    You call that fill? Any skinnier and would look like a broom with legs

  • Shy_Guy

    She still needs to go to the gym…

  • RKOZ

    That’s Xena Warrior Princess!

  • Bogo

    She still looks hungry.

  • MonteBeckett

    ”Dawn of Justice also marks the return of Ben Affleck in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.’

    There’s something wrong with the writer of this article

  • Truthteller33

    Must be nice to be a Jew in Hollywood. They’ll fit you in to anything!

  • Laura Lewis

    OMg Wonder woman i dont think so in any way shape or form unless Wonder Woman has been lost to the heroin trade.. And was that one pic suppose to be Ben Affleck with that fake body suit on? Please tell it wasnt that looks like a bad skit on snl.

  • Demonoid74

    Israeli model…that is the whole reason she got the part…doesn’t matter she does not have the height , or body mass to portray the character…

    Marlon Brando was 100% correct

  • InvisibleZombie

    Well I’ll be nice enough to say she “rocks” some kind of female warrior outfit. Not like most people would ever think “Wonder Woman” when seeing it. Do people even say “rocks” anymore?! And with almost two years to go is WB already paying writers to write headlines like this? Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to this. But save the journalistic bribes until closer to opening day!

  • morefiend

    All you people complaining about Gal Gadot as being too skinny need to get your ‘dicks’ out of the old comics. Really, the only thing you’re complaining about is that you want some uber-titsy actor to make your wet dreams come true. But thankfully, a non-misogynist is making Wonder Woman into the powerful, ass-kicking warrior she is.

    • Shawn Patrick

      Oddly enough, most aren’t wanting what you’re suggesting at all. They seem to want someone who looks like the Rock with a wig and Wonder Woman costume on.

  • Shawn Patrick

    Why are so many guys dying to see a giant she-man steroided out Wonder Woman? The character has NOT always been portrayed with massive muscles you know…

  • Habacuc

    Gal Gadot is hot. She is very pretty and 5’10”. She will be a good Wonder Woman. She has a great face. She is also Israeli. Don’t forget the Jewish factor. Hollywood is a Jewish town and they like to hire their own.

  • Rodney Elkins

    Anyone ever seen Lynn Collins in “John Carter”?She would have been the perfect W.W.,she’s got muscles and looks.She also played Hugh Jackmans girlfriend in ,”X-Men Origins,Wolverine”

    • gregge

      If any studio but Disney had done that movie, it probably would have been a success. But nooo, Disney had to make massive alterations to the story to turn it into an environmentalist screed. Zodanga was a Barsoomian city-state, not a roving city ravaging the land (stole that from “Strength of Stones” by Greg Bear). They also deleted the atmosphere plant and everything to do with it, then pulled in the Therns from “The Gods of Mars”, the 2nd book.

      The only things Disney didn’t foul on it were the scenery, the aliens and the animals. The people responsible for all that took great care in studying the classic Barsoom illustrations and brought them to life. Too bad the scriptwriters were such hacks.

  • Robert Thompson

    Can instantly think of a better casting choice for the role. Gina Carano.

  • rocky-o

    head over to comic-con…i’m sure you’ll find a dozen women in the first hour that would work better than ms. gadot does…this casting kinda makes ben affleck not seem so bad…but if they want this movie to be as horrendous as “man of steel” was, well, they sure look like they’re achieving their goal…

  • TN

    I am not psyched about this Wonder Woman at all. She is too scrawny and I am not feeling her costume.

    • gregge

      If you were feeling her costume, there’d be an assault or harassment charge…

  • Thomas

    i do have to agree on the point there are much better costumes out there, even in cosplay. as far as the actress, her dark magic won’t hold.

    lynda carter still owns the throne (and thank god! :P)


    thomas :)

  • Eryn LaPlant

    “The return of Ben Affleck in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman”? This is the first time he’s playing Batman. Yet, let’s see Henry Cavill, who was Superman in Man of Steel is not even mentioned beyond a shadowed picture of him in his “hiding” robe from the set. Henry is the best Superman and Clark I’ve seen since Christopher Reeve. He fully embraced the role and did a more than fantastic job. Unfortunately poor Henry is getting pushed further down the totem pole as this movie continues.

  • Leo Espinosa

    Is Linda Carter still available????

  • Justin Williams

    Looks more Xena Warrior Princess and less Amazonian. She isn’t muscular enough.

    • J. A.

      Neither was Lynda Carter. Get over it.

  • Mater Head

    A Semitic Amazon. Interesting.

    • donald

      I doubt many people would say “that girl is definitely Jewish” if you showed them a picture of her. Most of her family is from eastern Europe.

      • Mater Head

        Good point.

  • Adam Siegel

    750 Mil? No way and I am a huge comic and movie guy. The only way that happens is if it moves away from Cap 3.

  • According To Chris

    If only Lucy Lawless was 15 years younger…

  • Rena

    She doesn’t look good as Wonder Woman. The costume is bad, too.

  • J. A.

    So, you whiny comic book fans think Wondy should be muscular like the ancient Greek myths of Amazons, eh? They also said that Amazons cut off one breast to use bows and arrows easier, so exactly how close to the legends do you want it? You hate the movie you’ve never seen so much, quit bitching and ignore it.

    • Spiderclaw

      you are stupid. We aren’t talking about the “historic” greek mythos version. We are talking about the D.C. version of the mythos. And Diana is much bigger than Gadot.

  • Spiderclaw

    No she does not ROCK it. It was a terrible casting choice. It’s a scrawny isrealite woman playing a character who is supposed to be a tall, built GREEK AMAZON. Her build is waaaaaay to small. Know your source material people. ALWAYS stay true to the source. I don’t care what you think of the modern way of things. Do it like intended.

  • Scotty Boykins

    OMG she look terrible the costume is even worse than I thought it would look like . It is just a bad copy of the Xena: Warrior Princess Suite. This casting is an insult to fans and to the character of Wonder Woman. What makes and breaks a superhero/Heroin movie. First off, The actor/actress most look like the character. Second, the costume must look right or darn close. Lastly, the movie most be well written. Gal Gadot is a twig of women and bares no resemblance to Wonder Women at al. Gal Gadot looks as much like WW as Peewee Herman. Thisis going to hurt the next Superman movie along with a miscast Ben Affleck. What a joke. They finally get an actor that looks like Superman then badly miscast the other supers. DC sucks at movies I say people fan should be boycotting theshit out of this movie it is the only way they will ever stop F@#$ ing up shit.

  • Gunga Din

    I hope she does a bit of weight training. Wonder Woman is supposed to be able to pick up more than a celery stalk without breaking a sweat and needing a nap afterward.