Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Photo Hack


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Everyone seems to have their own opinion about the celebrity photo hack.

While most people agree the celebrities targeted in the attack are the victims, a few people think they were asking for it by having nude photos on their phones and mobile devices in the first place.

Gabrielle Union is one of the victims of the hack and she recently opened up about her experience.

“Over a hundred women were targeted — if these women weren’t celebrities, there would be much more outrage,” Union said while speaking with Cosmopolitan‘s editor-in-chief Joanna Coles at the Fun Fearless Life conference in New York City on Sunday. “But because we’re female celebrities [the response was] ‘we weren’t good victims and we enjoyed it, all PR is good PR.’ That’s what they say.”

Union said that the responses she gets to her feelings about the incident were just as shocking and hurtful as the actual hack itself.

“‘At least you look good! Thank god you were working out!’” she said was a common response. “That’s not the point. ‘I looked attractive while a crime was being committed?’ It’s a crime,” she added.

She also reminded everyone that clicking on the photos and looking at them is only making the problem worse.

“People panic when something bad happens and are trying to lighten the mood” — it ultimately only “makes it worse, … and now I know you looked. Everyone has the choice of not clicking,” she said. “The day after my wedding, we were all sitting around, rehashing the best day of my life, and I get a text from my team that there’s an article that over 100 female celebrities had been targeted.”

Union added that she found out her photos were leaked a few weeks later.

“In the moment, I froze. I was mortified, terrified. … I just didn’t know what to do. I felt I had given so much of myself, but I had saved a little bit for myself and for my husband, and they had taken that from me,” she said.

While the photo hacking incident has died down, it's not been forgotten and the photos that were leaked are now out in the world forever.