Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Stage Super Private Wedding

    July 22, 2014
    Val Powell
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Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have finally set the date to tie the knot but are keeping everything else about their wedding plans under tight security.

Soon after their engagement was made public, reports of Wade having fathered a child with another woman while he and Union were on a break from their relationship surfaced and was said to have caused the couple a lot of stress. They saw it through and are now determined to stage the most private celeb wedding this year.

The leaked wedding invite tell us the wedding is set for August 30, 10:30pm in an undisclosed location somewhere in Miami, FL. Guests’ identification will be doubly verified, first at the pick-up location and then at the venue itself, and they are all required to bring photo IDs.

Now, Union and Wade are also asking their guests one other small favor: to not bring phones and cameras to the ceremony.  Not only is this couple mum about the wedding plans, they are apparently doing their best to limit any chance of a leak on the proceedings too.

Gabrielle Union talks about who won’t be at her wedding on Arsenio Hall Show

It seems Union is also being cautious about protecting her financial assests. Wade, who incidentally, has re-signed for a two-year contract with the Miami Heat worth $40 million, had been asked by Union to sign a pre-nup because she felt the need “…to protect her stuff.” Union’s net worth is a reported $16 million — significantly less than that of her soon-to-be husband. She shared this much herself in an interview on Arsenio Hall soon after news of their engagement leaked earlier this year

 Gabrielle Union talks about prenup on Arsenio Hall Show

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  • http://www.divergingpath.com/ Jonathan Huls

    Union & Dwyane can take up a public wedding ceremony instead of going for a secret one. They have declared their hot news to the media and the public then why wish to veil their wedding event alone. It seems to be something illogical.

    • knowingchrist21318

      I totally agree. Celebrities does things for attention, and attention only. If the wedding is so super secretly, then nobody needs to date or the venue location.

  • sbro685

    First of all, I believe this marriage will be short lived. Gabrielle Union must be out of her mind to trust a man who has fathered a child while they are on a minute break up. He has demonstrated that when the cat is away the mice will play. Along with the additional baggage of distrust he has also put her health at risk. How many other women has he slept with? In our society today, people think it is alright to sleep around when their relationship is on pause but at least have the decency and respect to use protection. I find that Gabrielle Union is more invested into this relationship than Dwyane Wade. It appears for the short term the only parties who will possibly benefit from this union are the children who will gain a mother. Long term it will
    possibly detroy them if they become attached and the marriage ends. Good Luck because Dwyane Wade has proven he is an excellent athelete and father but the jury is still out on him being a trustworthy husband.

    • cupcake333

      A GOOD FATHER dont manipulate the court and take the kids from his ex ..whom is not a crackhead or druggie ,

      A GOOD FATHER dont set and example of a man at his age in the game still fu,kin with groupies on the side of a clear relationship
      A GOOD MAN dont dog out the woman whos mother took you in while your own mother was on drugs and in the streets

      A GOOD FATHER dont screw his gf in the other room with the door open and the kids sleeping

      A GOOD FATHER dont have sex with no condom and have to try and teach his sons why a few years from now .
      A GOOD MAN .. DONT buy his moma a church , after she abandoned him several year as a teen . and not give his guardian mother shit.
      the real issues is about to start after he fake marry GU .. that baby moma will take him back to court to get more money and sauvaguh his ex wife can now file for her boys ,,siting him as irresponsible with his penis . and wreckless as a roll model for her boys .. he never should have gotten those boys from their moma .. dirty dog KARMA IS OVIOUSLY REAL OUT HERE LOOK AT ALL THE HELL HE GOTTA FACE ..

      AND MEN TAKE A SEAT ,TALKING A BOUT A GOOD PLAYER ,, YOU MEAN THE one that lebron trying to distance hisself image from , you think lebron lovely wife want him to continue to look like another groupie runner too . miami fast cars fast woman , may be great to a NBA FAN OR SOME ROOKIE .. with his lil penis in his hand .. but dwade is a veteran he should have know betta than to do what he did .. we give excuses to boys not men ….


      • Dyan York

        Is this the ex Mrs. Wade?

        • britishrose

          no im not no ex wife she been payed to shut up so she wouldnt be on no blogg , you dont see her any more she took a huge check last year , remember when she sat on the side wak with a sign saying HOMELESS MOTHER … WELL APPARENTLY THEY PAYED HER OFF TO STOP IT SHE WAS BOUT TO GET WORST , AND HE NOW ALLOW HER MORE TIME WITH HER KIDS .ALL SHE ASKED FOR IN THE START . SO SHE GOT A HUGH CHECK AND KEPT THAT HOUSE HE TRYED TO TAKE FROM HER ..WADE IS JUST DIRTY , GOOD LUCK GABBY UNION YOU SURE GONNA NEED IT THATS WAS IN YO FACE CHEATIN THERE ..

  • Stu Pedahso

    SHE is SO hot!! I like a woman who is not afraid to tell the world that she loves it when a guy goes south on her.

  • cupcake333

    HER PR PEOPLE ARE WORKING hard to devulge attention from her failing image , she is no longer no ones role model , cause to be a role model you have to be the symbol of courage and strength , she chasin a unreachable dream.. . GABRIELLE UNION USE TO BE A LIKABLE PERSON UNTIL PEOPLE start seeing how narcassitic and ignorant she behaves SHE ONCE TOLD OPRAH SHE USE TO BE A MEAN GIRL , SHE REALLY MEANT DESPERATE GIRL ., WHICH SHE STILL IS !! , how do you marry a man who didnt even give a sh..t about YOUR healthy safety , and got a new baby moma after you spend 4 years trying to show him you want to settle .. he had no excuse to get that woman pregnant , he could have worn a condom .!! STD IS HUGH HE DIDNT EVEN CARE ABOUT JEAOPARDIZING HER CAREER or life , GABRIELLE UNION PARENTS MUST HATE HIM .BUT THEY PLAY IT OFF TO MAKE GABRIELL HAPPY .. YOU dont want to try to reason with a narcassitic personality they will not listen , she is also bi polar .. i feel sorry for her she has no kids . and that last baby was proof he done spreading kids around like a disease …. a monster ,and how do she bring her self to wake up everyday wanting this man .. wow this is what you call straight jacket nutt house bound fool , she need to snap out of her imaginative world of bliss with a cheater it dont happen . I QUEST THAT CHAMPIONSHIP RING BELONGS TO HER TOO .. LOL …. SHE LOVES THE GROUPIE PROVADO OF BEING WITH A BALLER, just like her first husband she ran behind him til he married her . thank god he had no kids with her she proubably told dwade she didnt want kids and that is why he went out and got him one more , .. SHE NEED FORFILLMENT THAT ONLY DISTRUCTION WILL GIVE HER . SHE MAY HAVE A REVENGE PLANNED ON HIM , I WOULD BE SCARED TO SLEEP NEXT TO A WOMAN I CHEATED ON IF I WAS A MAN …. NOT SURE WHAT HER PLIGHT IS , she seems revengeful in personality , and she always plays these hurt girlfriends or scoured wife roles . ? so someone knows a lot about her personality … so she having this nite wedding a sign of shame , GET IT NIGHT DARK SHAME, … SO SHE AINT FOOL n NO ONE ITS NOT LIKE THE PAPARAZZI WILL BE SWARMING OVER HER WEDDING SHE IS A B-LIST ACTRESS NO A A LIST .. OKKK
    She keeps acting like she is worth some kind of media swarming around her , she walk out the door every day no body even knows where she lives .. but because she was on oprah and friends with tyler perry her and wade think that is their ticket both look so stupid right now .. that is the reason for a night wedding ..

  • Guest

    A pre-nup, while fiscal savvy, is a sure sign of mistrust in one or both partners. And no marriage on Earth can sustain distrusting your spouse, long term.

  • jackson124

    Maybe its just me, but does it seem a bit unusual for a couple that’s “on a break” to have an illegitimate child with another woman?

  • Jack

    BUT was Lebron invited?? That’s really all that matters…

    • Dunstan Wallace

      Jack, that was the best response on this post by far.

  • lowheels

    Good idea! Dwayne is a good father and a good man Gabreille is showing good judgement. She has her head on straight and I wish them well. Always somebody critical! let us spread some love.

  • britishrose

    ANOHER POINT BOUT WADE .. HE HAS A type he likes sexually so why dont he just marry his type instead of toying with gabby union union has a kids body no tiddays and no ass so why would he go out and get a big booty kim kardashian looking puerto rican pregnant and try to marry a boy body chick like union ohhh i know why .. . apparently he see stars , he want them basket ball endorsments he want a bigger fan base and a nike contract , he want to be in the hollywood on magazine covers etc .. before union no one was calling his ugly azz up for no cover magazines him and union was making rouns on JET , EBONEY , SISTA TO SIISTER , AND MANY MAGAZINES WERE CALLING THEM NOW NO ONE WILL EVER CALL THEM AGAIN . SO HE REALLY HURT HIS IMAGE WHEN HE FUC..KED WITH NO CONDUM I MEAN CAN DO LIKE LEBRON and talk to high school kids ? hell no no school fixein to call him for nothing … he really distroyed his image and dam near distroying gabrielle little she had ,she is cute in the face but no body to brag to anyone about . so why do she think shte is a big celebrity she bout a C LISTER TO ME . but one of the cutiest faces in black female celebhood thats all she got .. and she was sort of a girls role model to no babys outta wedlock etc .. but now she aint NOBODYS ROLE MODEL IF YOU SLEEPIN AND MARRYING A DUDE WHO IS SKANKY AND DONT EVEN CARE BOUT YOUR SAFETY . . .HELL THE BABY MOMA COULD HAVE HAD HERPES oooops did i sawy herbpes .. REMEMBER WHEN HE SWORE SHAUVAUGHN HIS WIFE GAVE HIM HERPES …now do yall still ride with him on that .. all the people who called her crazy and put her down now LOOK WHAT HE DID . HE DID SOMETHING THAT COULD HAVE GIVIN HIM HIV .. THE JURY IS OUT ON WHAT HE CONTRACTED OTHER THAN A NEW BABY MOMA CHECK