Gabby Giffords is Booed at Gun Show in New York

    October 13, 2013
    Erika Watts
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While a gun show where numerous “Don’t Tread on Me” flags are hanging up doesn’t sound like an environment a woman who was shot and nearly killed would want to be in, that’s exactly where former U.S. representative Gabby Giffords was on Sunday.

Giffords attended her first gun show in New York after being shot in January 2011. While the general reception at the show was described as welcoming, Giffords was met with some opposition. Not only was Giffords booed by some people, one man showed up with a sign that had a swastika on it.

Giffords attended the Saratoga Springs Arms Fair with husband Mark Kelly and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as part of her national campaign against gun violence. Giffords was there to highlight a new agreement that closely monitors the sale of guns at shows in New York.

“Be responsible–Democrats, Republicans, everyone,” Giffords encouraged. “We must never stop fighting. Fight. Fight. fight. Be bold. Be courageous. The nation is counting on you.”

While most people at the show were friendly to Giffords, whether they agreed with her stance on gun control laws or not, she was met with some opposition.

Kenneth Hall described Giffords and Kelly’s presence at the gun show as a “publicity stunt.” Hall went on to say, “They say they’re Second Amendment supporters. I don’t believe they are.” Hall also brought a sign with a swastika on it that said, “gun control made the Holocaust possible.”

Fortunately, even if others at the gun show ultimately disagreed with the former representative’s views, they were civil about it. Dealer Joe Albano talked with Giffords and her husband and was impressed with the couple. He said he was against the new gun control laws, but “If she can help us, fine. We’re doing everything right here. We’re legal.”

The initiative Giffords is pushing is separate from the gun control laws New York passed earlier this year that expanded a ban on military-style weapons, limited the capacity of magazines, taxed bullets and created a registry. Giffords is promoting a national campaign that, among other things, expands background checks for gun sales.

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  • There is Quite Push

    There is quite a push for people to give up their guns. I don’t like guns or violence. If you have ever seen what a gun can do to someone, you would not like them either.

    However, I am very torn on this issue. If you look at what is happening here in the US, it is not good at all. Homeland security is increasing, FEMA camps are going up everywhere, TSA is expanding, police forces are becoming more violent, people are being incarcerated for things that don’t even happen, Patriot Acts have been put in place, domestic spying is being put in place, GPS tracking units are becoming the norm, borders are closing, and our local police are becoming militarized. You saw what happened after the Boston incident — martial law was in effect. It was as if an invading army went into Boston.

    Our country now very much parallels 1930s Germany.

    If they take peoples guns, we could easily become suppressed. Don’t say it can’t happen here in the United States because it has happened throughout history. Much stronger empires have fallen. The United States is nothing special and is not immune to tyranny. People should be cautioned to remember that after WWII we brought many leaders from Nazi Germany and gave them positions of power. Nazi ideas are alive and well in this country and in our government.

    All it will take is one or two more events in this country and the government will clamp down on us. Everything is being set up to support that.

  • JD

    We. Do. Not. Need. Gun. Control.

    I respect Giffords but this isn’t what is needed. We need more people armed that are trained, that’s how you stop gun violence. Not by taking them from lawful citizens so only the criminals have them.

    Bad people are gonna get guns one way or another. All we can do is arm good people and hope for the best

    • @JD

      Bad and good are all matters of perspective. Some of the people we think are so good are actually horrible. Ever see what cops do behind closed doors? I have. They are horrible.

      I have worked at a prison. Most criminals actually won’t harm you. Crime is overblown in this nation. The only criminals you really have to worry about are the gangs. The gangs… the gangs… the gangs. Yes, there are other violent criminals but most of them have a personal reason behind their crimes. Gangs will attack anyone and sometimes there doesn’t need to be a reason.

      But really, what you have to worry most about is the government.

  • thedoctor

    I worry about people who think the government is “one or two events” away from taking our guns. Really? And you base this on attempts to pass a few reasonable laws to keep guns away from the crazies (laws the NRA used to support) and history lessons from 80 years ago? I consider that paranoid. Who exactly is going to take away our guns? (Yes, I’m a gun owner.) The police? Know any? They are very supportive of the second amendment. They just want to keep calibers in reason and don’t want to face fully automatic weapons. Can’t blame them. Who else? The military? Know any? They are even more supportive of the second amendment than the police. This is the USA. Have a little faith in the system and ignore the fear-mongers.