G4 Canceling All Of Its Gaming Programming, Including X-Play And Attack Of The Show

    October 26, 2012
    Zach Walton
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G4, and Tech TV before it, was the one-stop destination for many gamers looking to find something even remotely relevant to their interests on television. The quality had gone downhill over the years, but at least X-Play and Attack of the Show were around to keep things interesting. Hopes of a resurgence were squashed earlier this year when the two major names from both shows – Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira – left the network. Now it looks like G4 is ready to kill off the whole thing.

Citing sources close to the matter, Kotaku is reporting that G4 will be killing off X-Play and Attack of the Show today. The network will also be killing off the rest of the gaming programming that G4 still dabbled in. We can assume that means the networks extensive live coverage of E3 and Comic-Con will be no more.

The source continues to say that the higher-ups at G4 will be holding meetings with staff later today to inform them of their fate. They will also detail the future of the network going forward. What kind of future? The source says that G4 will be transformed into a lifestyle network focused on “the modern male” – whatever that means.

A report from TV Guide confirms the cancelations and says that both shows will end later this year. Until then, they will air a number of farewell episodes over the next two months. Most of it will apparently be the network lazily rebroadcasting important moments in the history of both shows.

As expected, the news has already spread throughout the Twitterverse with many gamers, nerds and former G4 hosts looking back on a network that used to provide a much needed voice for a subset of culture that’s ignored, or outright ridiculed, by the rest of mainstream media.

  • Kirk

    Here we go G4 is cancelling the ONLY shows that meant anything… Forget slowly bleeding, they just cut off their arms and legs. X-Play and Attack of the Show are what they built their whole channel off of! Really smart! I absolutely love Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood, not because they are hot, and they ARE, but because they are actually smart, funny, and interesting! Good luck with your “COPS” programming all day. I will NOT be watching ever again…

  • J Anderson

    Before there was G4 there was Tech TV and before that Zdtv which featured Leo Laporte. Call for Help is still greatly missed. And so is Leo. Zdtv/ TechTV got so many angry comments from viewers that Leo had to say on his show to stop. His netcasts make a huge profit and not so much production costs. Yep, G4 makes wise decisions to drop a money maker like Leo, and the rest of the successful show.

  • Murray

    I’ve always loved G4, but was unable to watch it when Direct TV dropped it. Switched back to cable and watch when I can, but that station is so far up the dial I sometimes have trouble finding it. It’s a shame that my best source for video game reviews is going away. That stinks!