‘Futurama’ Season 10 (Otherwise Known As Season 7B) Gets Netflix Release Date

    December 6, 2013
    Chris Crum
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We’ve learned that Netflix will begin offering the tenth season of Futurama on Tuesday, December 10th. Fans can already stream the first nine seasons.

The season labeling with this show is a little tricky. What is known as Season 10 by Netflix and other places is the tenth broadcast season, but actually the seventh production season, as Futurama Wiki explains.

It adds, “The original order of twenty-six episodes was split; the first thirteen episodes aired as the ninth season, and the remaining thirteen episodes aired in 2013 as ‘another run.’ Comedy Central had officially labelled this season as ‘Season 7B’ while season nine was called ‘Season 7A’.”

However you label it, you’ll soon be able to watch it.

The season includes the following episodes: Forty Percent Leadbelly, 2-D Backtop, T.: The Terrestrial, Fry and Leela’s Big Fling, The Inhuman Torch, Saturday Morning Fun Pit, Calculon 2.0, The Thief of Baghead, Assie Come Home, Leela and the Genestalk, Game of Tones, Murder on the Planet Express, Stench Stenchability and Meanwhile.

Image: Netflix

  • Dr.Zoidberg

    Now if Netflix would just pick up production of NEW EPISODES of Futurama…..that would be awesome!!

  • journey

    True dat zoidberg!

  • Nick Shelton

    Netflix should definitely order new Futurama episodes. They need to get the merchandising rights off of Fox.