Funny Photos from Mix06

    March 31, 2006

Albert Lai, yesterday, released a bunch of new features for his Bubbleshare photo service.

Some, like the new BubbleBar let you put a bar on your relatives computers and your photos automatically appear. This is very cool, turns any PC into a photo display device. No longer do you have to email your photos to mom. Your photos will appear as soon as you drop them into BubbleShare.

But what is really funny is this annotated photo album he posted from his week last week at Mix06. Oh, man, that was hillarious! You gotta check out what he made people like Mike Arrington, Bill Gates, Marc Canter, and Jeremy Zawodny say (there’s nine funny photos, click next to see the whole thing).

Alec Saunders has more about the BubbleBar on his blog.

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