Fun with Technorati Charts

    December 21, 2005

On his blog, Niall Kennedy shows us how to create custom Technorati charts.

These can come quite in handy. To create a big chart, simply take out the word booya in the URLs below and insert your own term. For phrases, insert %20 between the words. For example, Jim%20Cramer. I actually have this set up as a Firefox keyword search. (extra large chart) (large chart)

Here is a chart that I was able to pull together on Dell. It gives you a sense for how big this topic was in the blogosphere once Jeff Jarvis started blogging about them in June. Unfortunately, as of right now you can’t pull together comparative charts or URL searches like you can with Ice Rocket or Blog Pulse, but Niall says they’re coming. Also, sometimes the charts are flaky. Sometimes I get 90-day charts, other times I get 365-day timeframes.

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