Fun With Google Finance

    March 27, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Sometimes Google’s search engine works a little too well at matching up queries with results, as some posters on Metafilter found.

Google Finance received a warm reception in a few quarters, and a much frostier one in others. For some posters at Metafilter, the reception has consisted of much snickering.

Certain search terms used in Google Finance bring up interesting results. A query for the pope of the government brings up the financial page for Halliburton.

Another query, this time for hatred returns a link to financials for Fox News Network, LLC. Sneakers for some reason delivers Microsoft to the browser.

This link brings up Tyco International. While all of these results are mildly humorous, it isn’t too odd to note why they are appearing.

One Metafilter commenter, Jason Speck, connected the results to Google Finance searching through blogs for additional content. Since bloggers have used certain terms to reference companies, Google’s algorithm may be grabbing those as relevant when it returns a result in Finance.

Speck also noted that Halliburton’s Lawrence J. Pope works as the company’s Vice President, Human Resources & Administration.

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