FTC Yawns At Yahoo, BlueLithium Deal

    October 3, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The Federal Trade Commission gave Yahoo’s acquisition of ad network BlueLithium its stamp of approval.

A $300 million cash deal for BlueLithium by Yahoo whizzed past federal antitrust regulators. As they did for Microsoft’s aQuantive buy, the FTC saw no antitrust concerns with Yahoo’s deal.

Reuters cited the FTC list of approvals in noting the agency’s approval. The deal had been announced in early September, and managed to get through the review process in barely a month.

Yahoo’s purchase of BlueLithium gives them more tools to offer advertisers for performance marketing efforts. Performance marketing looks for conversions, which can be a straightforward sale, or another action completed by a customer.

Yahoo previously disclosed the appeal of performance marketing being related to the rapid growth of social media content. Performance marketing efforts may perform better than the typical cost per click or CPM models regularly used in many campaigns, due to the requirement of an action to complete the conversion.

Those actions provide a tangible benefit to the advertiser, even if it is a simple as adding a name to a mailing list and opting-in for further marketing messages. As such, they can be measured more easily, and beyond the original campaign that brought the visitor to the marketer.