Frozen Niagara Falls - Well, Not Really


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With the recent frigid and record-breaking cold temps, a big part of America is frozen solid, but not Niagara Falls. Although it is partially frozen, the story circulating about the falls being frozen over is a myth. A recent webcam can testify to that.

From that deep freeze that came from the north, commonly known as the polar vortex, or winter storm Ion, which brought record breaking temps to much of the nation keeping people in below zero cold, some for days, some for longer is what brought this myth to life. The bone-chilling storm caused all kinds of problems such as accidents, school closures, frozen pipes and worse.

What might have been considered a frozen waterfall could have been partially correct, there are big sections of Niagara that are covered in ice, and it certainly looks as if it could be frozen, but it is deceiving.

According to Reuters, during the recent polar vortex, "parts of the 176 foot American falls were covered in ice and the area below the conservation area was frozen over. The cold weather caused the Niagara river to form an ‘Ice Bridge," and "large amounts of ice up river from the falls lead authorities to issue a flash flood warning for two islands in the area."

It definitely looks frozen over and some parts look frozen solid, we'll give the rumor that much. But Niagara Falls, as you can see, is running, as it should be.

Image via Wikimedia Commons