From Non-Profit to For-Profit: Tips For Transition

    March 31, 2003

I have worked in the non-for-profit sector for many years and am now looking to transition to a publicly-owned company. What suggestions do you have for countering the false perceptions of recruiters and employers that not-for-profits are not as professionally challenging and that the pace of work is not as demanding as in for-profit companies?

– Marilyn O’Conner

Hi Marilyn,

  • Start with a results-oriented, targeted resume and minimize references to non-profit.
  • Emphasize the skills and accomplishments that relate to the position(s) you are now seeking.
  • Learn and use the jargon of the industry in which you are applying to show that you understand their terminology.
  • Network with personal/business contacts in publicly-owned companies to learn about different environments and lead to interview opportunities in which you can showcase your talents.
  • Show that your skills and experiences are a match and that you understand the employer’s needs (can solve their problems).
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