Friendster Adds Fan Profiles

    September 27, 2007

Friendster has introduced a new feature on its social networking site called "Fan Profiles" which lets bands, companies, celebrities, nonprofits and other groups promote themselves.

Fan Profiles are a separate account from a standard Friendster profile and is listed differently in friends lists.  Fan profiles have more features including mass email capabilities, contact list management and are optimized to appear in Google and Yahoo search results.

"Friendster is making a clear distinction between ‘friends’ and ‘fans,’ which allows Fan Profile owners to build a genuine fan base," said Jeff Roberto, marketing director at Friendster. "We’re giving entities access to a feature set that promotes them, even when they’re not online."

Friendster has lost some of its market share to other social networks including MySpace and Facebook. This newest feature will probably not help the company to gain the ground it hopes it will. That being said they do have a solid presence in the Asia-Pacific region and the company launched a Chinese version of the site this past week.