French Riots And Google Adwords

    November 9, 2005

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy tried an interesting tactic to steer bloggers toward his site on the Internet regarding the two-week old riots in and around Paris. He bought adwords for suburbs and riots (banlieue, emeute) and tried to swing traffic his way.

The tactic apparently has caused Sarkozy additional grief on top of the scathing criticism he’s received for his handling of the riots.

Some other key words have included burned cars, violence and others. When they search for the words, paid ads show up in the corner, with links to the pages the a website set up by the UMP party, the one that runs France right now. According to Businesweek Online, 37,000 users have clicked on the site and 11,500 have signed the petition.

According to the same story though some political adversaries elected to Google bomb Sarkozy. The link goes to a promo for a film call “Iznogoud,” pronounced similarly to “is no good.”

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.