Free Credit Report Offered By Target; Avoid Phishing Scams

    January 17, 2014
    Erika Watts
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Target announced in mid-December that millions of customers were affected by a data breach. Hackers were able to obtain credit and debit card information, as well as names, addresses and phone numbers for some customers. Since the breach was announced, Target is working to make their system more secure and has also offered one year of a free credit report service to customers.

The retailer is offering free credit reports from Experian through ProtectMyID.com. This service typically costs $15.95 per month, or approximately $190 per year, but will come at zero cost for Target customers for a period of one year. In addition to giving customers access to their credit reports, the service will include identity theft insurance.

The free credit reporting service is available to all customers that have shopped in Target stores. Customers that decide to go with Target’s free credit report service must sign up by April 23, 2014. After signing up, customers will receive an activation code, which must be redeemed by April 30, 2014.

Another big concern now that Target is offering the free credit reporting service is that criminals may send out emails under Target’s name. Such phishing scams can cause people to get malware on their computers or put their personal information, such as Social Security Numbers, into the wrong hands. To avoid becoming victim to such scams, Target offers up a few tips on their Credit Monitoring FAQs page:

Never share information with anyone over the phone, email or text, even if they claim to be someone you know or do business with. Instead, ask for a call-back number.

Delete texts immediately from numbers or names you don’t recognize.

Be wary of emails that ask for money or send you to suspicious websites. Don’t click links within emails you don’t recognize.

If you suspect that you received a fraudulent email under Target’s name, forward it to spam@uce.gov.

This isn’t the first time that a large data breach has resulted in personal information being divulged. A similar breach occurred in South Carolina back in 2012. A data breach in the Department of Revenue affected approximately 4 million taxpayers. Like Target, South Carolina also offered a year of free credit monitoring service through ProtectMyID.com.

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  • Who are they kidding?

    Personally, I think it is someone within the government that is doing the hacking. With all this government spying, it would be easy for someone to hack a company. In fact, Snowden reported that the NSA was spying on foreign companies, so why wouldn’t they do the same for American companies? Also, don’t tell me that they aren’t on American systems because they are only going on servers located in foreign countries. The whole purpose of a network is to link geographical areas so if they access a foreign server, all they have to do is follow the connections back to the US. That is how they get around all the laws designed to protect Americans. The laws talk about a point of origin and not where you can go from that point of origin.

    Think about this America. When was the last time you saw a hacker go to court? Really think about it. Snowden hacked the government’s system and is a hunted man. McKinnon hacked the Pentagon and supposedly found documents about a secret space program and he is a wanted man. All the people exposing what the government is doing are hunted men. Other than those two — who else has ever gone to trial? No one. I believe that is because the people doing the hacking are the same people doing the investigating.

    • http://google.com Rylai

      i think you’re full of shit you crazy fuck

      • @Rylai

        Please. Why is it crazy to think that the people doing the most spying might actually be selling that information to criminal elements or doing the stealing themselves? I agree with the person above. I work in IT and it is actually very logical. He is right about Snowden too. It was reported on NBC that the NSA spied on foreign companies. Why wouldn’t they do that to domestic companies too? After all, people in government have been caught spying on ex-wives and ex-girlfriends. Why not spy on something that makes you money?

      • @ @Robert

        Means Motive Opportunity

        Government has all three in spades. I am not saying they are doing it, but they definitely have means, motive, and opportunity. Heck, a local cop in my town just got busted because he stole from the evidence room. Why wouldn’t other government agencies steal?

    • Frank

      You either live in a hole or you’re an idiot. Google cyber criminals, cyber crimes, cyber convictions, etc., and you’ll see there are many who have been brought to trial for “hacking”. There’s big money to be made from selling the type of information stolen in these attacks and it’s not the government looking for a way to pay off the national debt.

      Snowden didn’t “hack” the system, he worked on the system and “stole” the information.

      McKinnon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_McKinnon

      Wake up and get educated before you start spouting off about something you don’t have a clue about. I spent more than forty years working in this field and can assure you that you’re not informed at all.

      • @Frank

        Wow Frank …..way to go off the reservation and attack a person for an opinion. I am an IT consultant and I personally know of many cases of government employees hacking systems. I even know of a case where a man stole a server a day for a year. He literally just walked out of the office building with a server. He wasn’t caught for years but when he was, the Feds found his entire house literally full of computers. By the way, this incident didn’t even make the papers because the thief was a government employee.

        The person above didn’t say they were hacking to pay off the government debt. They are hacking to get rich. So you mean to say, you can’t imagine anyone at the NSA turning over their data to people on the outside? Please.

        I guess you haven’t studied history much. Oh that is right, you just insult people and get your information from wikipedia.

        But go ahead. Live in your dream world.

      • @Frank

        Frank is the type of guy who will believe in his government even after they declare martial law, take his house, and then his life. He will be the guy saying … how did this happen?

        It happens Frank because you trust people that have lied to you too much. Just pull up Clapper on YouTube saying over and over again that the government does not spy on Americans.

      • Robert

        It amazes me how people blindly trust our government. We have been caught lying so many times, yet people trust. Why is it crazy to think that the people who are doing the most spying on private systems would be the ones stealing from those systems?

        That is not crazy at all. If the a guy walks past a bank 100 times and then the bank is robbed, that person would be an immediate suspect.

        • @Robert

          I agree. Much of history is a lie. I went to a UCONN lecture about the death of Hitler. UCONN did a study on the bone fragments that were found from his bunker and that the Russians and Americans said was his remains. The professer said the skull was more like a skull from a young woman, but said there was still a possibility that it could have been him, so he sent it for genetic testing. The result were that the bone were indeed from a woman. So, for the past 70 year, we had Hitler’s bone and they weren’t even his. Think of all the textbooks that were written that told the world he died in Germany.

          I wouldn’t trust anything government tell you. Unless you see it with your own two eyes. Even then you have to worry because on 9/11 all we saw were two building hit by planes. The rest we were told and now all the evidence point to us being lied to. Yet again.

          • @ @Robert

            I read about that! YouTube has a video about that. It is called the Hitler Project. The University of Connecticut has an excellent program by the way. Those of you who want to see a small segment of the interview — go to YouTube and type in the “Hitler Project”.

            There are a bunch of weird videos but the one you want to watch is the one from Nick Bellantoni. Also, it was aired on the History channel. There might be the full version on there.

            Very interesting! I thought I was only one of the few who knew about this!

  • http://www.saviourgreenarch.net.in sharma

    The result were that the bone were indeed from a woman. So, for the past 70 year, we had Hitler’s bone and they weren’t even his. Think of all the textbooks that were written that told the world he died in Germany.

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  • http://www.saviourgreenarch.net.in saviour green arch

    he result were that the bone were indeed from a woman. So, for the past 70 year, we had Hitler’s bone and they weren’t even his. Think of all the textbooks that were written that told the world he died in Germany.