Free 411 From Microsoft’s Tellme

    April 17, 2007

In case you missed it, April is “National Launch a Free 411 Service” month. I know, we both missed it on our calendars, but I know it’s true because hot on the heels of Google’s free 411 service, comes news that Microsoft’s recently acquired Tellme has launched its free 411 offering.

According to Tellme, here’s what you’re getting:

  • Tellme by Voice:  Call 1-800-555-TELL and just say “business search” to find a business listing or search for a particular category, such as “flower shops,” from any phone, including a map for the selected listing.  Callers can also choose from many other great services like movie tickets, ring tones, sports, news and more.
  • Tellme by Text:  Send a text message to TELLM (83556) with a business request such as “starbucks san francisco ca” or “pizza boston ma” and get a text message back with the listing and a link to a map.
  • Tellme by Mobile:  Speak your request and then see the results displayed on your phone screen for a voice + visual search, including maps and driving directions.  Download the Tellme by Mobile beta by visiting (or from your mobile phone.)

Ok, who wants to launch a free 411 service next?