Fred Thompson’s Webmaster Doesn’t Know Dmoz

    August 8, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The potential Presidential candidate’s campaign doesn’t know why a Google listing for his official website has a description they didn’t write. We know what happened.

Fred Thompson's Webmaster Doesn't Know Dmoz
Fred Thompson’s Webmaster Doesn’t Know Dmoz

A Knoxville TV station reported the confusion at the Thompson camp over what Google has to say about the candidate’s I’m With Fred site:

Type the phrase “Friends of Fred Thompson” into Google, and the first link returned by the search engine describes the Web page as the “Official site of Fred Thompson for President Exploratory Committee.”

An exploratory committee would be a major step between Thompson’s less formal “testing the waters” committee and an official bid for the Republican nomination for president.

But spokeswoman Linda Rozett called the description inaccurate. Rozett said she doesn’t know how the description got on Google.

We’re pretty sure we found the reason why, and our readers probably figured it out too. On the Dmoz Open Directory site, take a look at this page about Thompson, particularly the starred entry near the top:

I’m With Fred – Official site of Fred Thompson for President Exploratory Committee.

Google has pulled the description seen in its search results from Dmoz. The ‘I’m With Fred’ webmaster doesn’t seem to know this little bit of HTML-fu, which will help the campaign stop this from happening:


That tag will keep search engine crawlers from using the description on the Dmoz Open Directory. If the candidate is feeling grateful for this help, he can offer me the position of Ambassador to Tropical Places if he is elected.