Fred Thompson Gets All The Media

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Potential Republican Presidential candidate Fred Thompson has a website that should be a model for anyone aspiring to political office.

Well over a year remains before the 2008 Presidential election takes place. Candidates like Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, and John McCain have been staking out spots online, with the aid of their campaign machines, in the hopes of engaging voters.

At this early date, money remains the first, second, third, and probably twenty-fourth most significant concern for White House aspirants. The Thompson website, I’m With Fred, features links to donate and raise funds should the actor/Senator pursue a bid for the Presidency, just as the other candidates do.

His organization has opted for a slightly different approach to the Web. Thompson’s website doesn’t have the dizzying array of content blocks the other candidates we mentioned have posted. His main content section is a blog, kept up to date by an administrator at times when the candidate himself isn’t posting.

The important concept Thompson’s people seem to get is the need to have their supporters engage traditional media. His site features specific links to encourage people to write to newspaper editors or call talk radio.

Those two sections allow the visitor to pick a state followed by a media market. A results page shows the options available for contacting the media outlet of choice.

It’s easy to give the Internet too much credit for what it can do in building support for an issue, and to give mainstream media too little. Thompson’s people recognized this and built support for the old media into their new media.

Whether that’s an election breaker or not will be seen in 16 months.

Fred Thompson Gets All The Media
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  • Don Jones

    It is a good site. We would like you to also see MyManFred.com which takes a different approach.

    Fred did well in selecting his staff with web backgrounds as well as political. The mud slingers made the mud wrong and it just won’t stick.

    Things are going swimmingly for Fred.

    Don Jones

    • http://www.cafepress.com/decision_08 mreasy

      You may also want to see cafepress.com/decision_08

  • Conservative Gladiator

    I’ve been to the website and it’s weak at first glance. There’s no “juice” from the candidate himself. Where’s the policy? Where’s the plan? You can go look at his past and there really is nothing there by way of accomplishment. There’s nothing that seperates him from everyone else other than what the media are hyping so far which we know will change once he signs on.

    Fred’s going to have to put on the acting job of a lifetime which means being able to think on his feet (improvise) which he hasn’t needed to do as an actor on TV and from what I’ve seen there’s still a lot of work to be done. I wish him luck but my bet as it stands right now is that he’ll struggle and won’t have much of a message that will stick. It’s okay to have the “True Conservative” label but that’s just it – it’s a label. I have no doubt that he will stick to the label but whether or not it’s seen in his ability and actions will soon bear itself out.

    • media master

      You make a grevious error when you dismiss Thompson as just an actor.

      Remember, he was also a federal prosecutor, trial lawyer, legal counsel to one governor (and put another in prison) and two U.S. Senate committees.

      Also remember, we are still over a year out from the first vote being cast. That’s plenty of time to fill a website with the policy papers you crave.

      Thompson moves in a slow, deliberate and thoughtful pace. He does not rush into things without giving them a complete and thourough examination that covers all possible contingencies. Isn’t that what you want in the leader of the free world?

    • postulate3200o

      yeah wd love a thoughtful president, but not a conservative one, been there , done that, look at the mess we are in. Clinton Obama, or Obama Clinton, either way is far better then the criminals we have in office now.

      • Sue

        Conservative? That is the one of the big lies that gets repeated as fact and the ‘sheeple’ believe it. Our current president is NOT conservative by any stretch. Unless you compare him to our current crop of the wacky left, then in comparison, then yes he is, as oppoed to them.

        • http://www.cafepress.com/decision_08 Peter DeBlasi

          Here’s a concept. I am aware of Unity08 and it’s desire to create a bi-partisan ticket, however, most are unlikely partnerships with our political system. I submit, however that were Fred Thompson(R)to solicit Joe Lieberman(I)to be his Vice-President and announce their candidacy NOW, the campaign for President would be over. I believe that Fred would lock up the South and the Conservative base, while Joe would pull the North and Independents across the country. A ” Fred & Joe – Working to Bring the Country Together” campaign theme would, in my opinion be a winner.

          • David A. Utter

            It would be an accomplishment if Unity08 could pull off that ticket. The Presidential debates might be fun to watch.

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