Fred Durst, Limp Bizkit Frontman, Produces TV Drama


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It has been quite some time since we have heard the name Fred Durst, the red-hatted baseball-capped rock singer who fronted the band Limp Bizkit. We have not heard of his name since his involvement with the band, Napster, or since Eminem rapped about him. The Limp Bizkit rocker is coming back into the limelight now, not releasing a CD, but by creating a television drama for The CW.

According to news published on the TV Guide's website, Durst will be behind the creation of The Noise, a one-hour drama based around Durst's life while becoming a world-famous rock star. The drama will also display the turbulent events in his life that Durst had to go through to get where he is today, responsible for well-known rap-metal hits like "Rollin'," "Nookie," and the cover of the George Michael hit "Faith." These songs I'm sure are ones that you can remember and mosh to when hearing them.

Durst's role with The Noise will be as co-executive producer of the show's script, while Miles Feld (writer and director of Under-Tow) will be writing the full script. The executive producers of the drama will be Eric and Kim Tennenbaum from CBS.

The Noise actually will not be Durst's first foray into television. According to E! Online, the CBS sitcom Douchebag involved Durst, along with The Tannenbaums, which featured a musician balancing "his wild ways and his young family." Durst also directed two films: The Education of Charlie Banks (starring The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg) and The Longshots.

The upcoming CW drama does not seem to be captivating the excitement of Twitter fans....

[Image source: Wikimedia Commons]