Franchisor Training – Your Shortcut to Success?

    August 24, 2006

If you are like most women, you chose a career path at the tender age of 18 or 19 and have dutifully followed that path for many years.

But let’s say you’ve grown tired of your career, or worse yet, never liked it to begin with. What are your choices?

  • Stay where you are and make the best of it
  • Change careers and start all over at the bottom
  • Take advantage of the training offered by a franchisor and become your own boss in any industry you choose!

Let’s imagine a woman has been in public relations for ten or fifteen years but has a burning desire to spin pizzas instead of situations. What is she to do? As everyone knows, it isn’t easy for someone 40 or 50 to quit a career and start over, especially if she wants to try an entirely different field. She would have to give up a steady income and face months or years of reinventing herself. Perhaps she’d take a job at a pizza parlor and hope to learn enough to open her own shop someday. An alternative solution may be that she could buy a pizza franchise and take advantage of the training and support offered by the franchisor. Provided she has the financing, that would-be pizza chef could be managing a team of pizza spinners in just a few months.

Many or even most women will change careers at least several times their lifetime, whether because of changes in the economy or workforce, or because their careers don’t provide them with enough money/control/opportunities/ etc. While it was once common for someone to keep the same job from college to retirement, this had changed dramatically, particularly in the past 10 or 20 years, and this trend is expected to continue. Studies suggest that teens today may have between six and 12 careers in their lifetime.

Besides – many people really enjoy the challenge of a taking on a new career. Corporate executives replace their suits with sweats and open fitness centers. Doctors become fried chicken moguls and teachers get remade as pet groomers.

How do they make the transition? Many times through the power of franchising and one of the bonuses you’ll discover about franchising is that they can train you to excel in a job you’ve never done before!

No Experience Necessary

If you are a woman who is ready for a career change via franchising, the training provided is one of the most important benefits a franchise system will offer you. The benefit of training goes both ways. It provides you with the tools you need to learn a new career and be successful in your new business. But it is also important to the franchise company. The franchise system depends on the integrity and stability of their brand from store to store and franchisee training is essential to this process.

You’ll find that a good franchise system will take pride in their training programs because, through the payment of royalties, your success becomes their success.

And guess what? Most franchises don’t require you to have experience in their field. In fact, many don’t even want a franchisee with previous industry experience. Because the systems of a franchise are structured for maximum success, previous industry experience often gets in the way when training a new franchisee.


Branding is another area where a franchise can offer you a shortcut. From California to Washington DC, you can buy a Hagen-Dazs Mayan chocolate cone and the quality and taste of the product will be exactly the same. If you own a Hagen-Dazs Shop, the public will know what you sell and that awareness will often make the difference between the success and failure of your business. Imagine how long it would take you to create a branded awareness of your new business if you started from scratch, not to mention the cost of hiring firms to create and advertise your brand.

Just as important to the quality of the product is the service the public expects from a franchised concept. You never know what to expect from the staff at “Jane’s Ice Cream Parlor” on the corner but you can trust that the people serving you at a Hagen-Dazs Shop will be friendly, clean and efficient. Why? Because the franchisor has set standards for employees and provided training and guidance in hiring practices. Everything that effects the perception of their brand is accounted for in the franchisor training.

Franchisors Care About Your Success

Your number one reason for choosing a franchise business over creating your own concept is that studies show your chances for success are exponentially greater. The franchisor has done many things before franchising the business that you, as a franchisee, you won’t need to, including establishing and building the brand, testing a variety of marketing concepts, finding the best way to deliver a quality service or product, and researching the best value in suppliers.

Most franchisors offer help to their franchisees in a combination of important areas, which may include: site assistance, initial training, operations systems, field support, grand opening assistance, national marketing programs, on-going training, and full-time encouragement for you to succeed. They become your business coaches and cheerleaders as you establish your new career.

The greatest merit of a franchise system is that you should be able to walk right into your new business after training and expect to have the tools needed to make it successful. It’s up to you, of course, to put in the hard work that will make that success a reality.

If you are thinking about a career change, don’t overlook the advantages of letting someone else do much of the work for you. A great franchise will offer you the training and tools you need to not only start a new career but to own your own business in any field you choose! Consider it a “shortcut to success.”

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Kim Ellis is president of Bison Advertising, Inc., a leading online resource for franchises and business opportunities. Drawing from a diverse background in franchising, marketing and operations, Kim specializes in Internet marketing, lead generation and branding.

Prior to Bison, Kim served as vice president of FranChoice, where she helped establish one of the industrys most successful franchise referral networks. Her responsibilities included franchisor relations, brand management and lead generation. Prior to FranChoice, she served in executive positions for Regis Hair Salons, Premier Hair Salons International, and for a business-to-business marketing agency in Minneapolis. Her franchise experience started with a family-owned Schwinn Bike franchise and extended to her first position after college with Great Clips for hair. Currently, Kim serves as chairperson for the International Franchise Association (IFA) Womens Franchise Committee and as a member of the IFA Supplier Forum.