Framily Plan- A Sprint Plan Frame-Up?

By: Aleyia Dixon - January 19, 2014

Calling all family, friends, enemies, frienemies– CNet tells us that Sprint has introduced a new family plan that they refuse to call anything other than the Sprint Framily Plan.

Likely more of an unfortunate scenario for the fine customer service folks at Sprint who are forced to say the made-up word each time, the spelling represents not just family being able to join in on the bill, but friends too.

While we applaud Sprint for reminding us of the important virtues of community, only time will tell how wise this will be. Will small claims courts see a rash of lawsuits as unpaid bills add up? Will television court shows entertain us with horrific stories of enemies driving their cars over once framily member’s cellphones because they refused to chip in on the phone bill?

Since Sprint apparently watches the same quality reality television shows as we do, it looks as if they’ve attempted to alleviate that risk by allowing each member of the Framily Plan to still be billed separately. Nice Move, Sprint.

This is how the Framily Plan works:
One line of service costs $55 per month. The line includes unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data. This price is dropped $5 for each new Sprint customer than joins the line. Six people plus the original line holder are allowed to join the line, which could transform a $55 bill to a $25 bill for everyone.

Although this Framily Plan has been active for close to a week, Sprint has just recently dropped their television ad to make it official. So far, it looks like some folks are happy with it,

some people aren’t

and some people just really think that Framily Plan is a horrible name for something.

Either way, do you think this would be a good deal for you and your circle? Should we all request that they change the name to Phramily Plan to make it even more exciting? Let us know!

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  • InDia

    you have Family spelled wrong.
    Below is the way it’s spelled on your advertising page .

    Framily Plan- A Sprint Plan Frame-Up?

  • stephen

    hi. i switched my sprint billing to this new thing called “framily” its like friends and family, but its totally separate billing. so for everybody that joins sprint with my id the bill for EACH LINE goes down by $5 (all the way down to $25 each) but you and I have our own plan and billing. I already have two lines on my plan so thats an instant $10 off a line. if you want to switch carriers and use my id code for free, check it out. THANKS! we will never share billing, i have my bill, you have your bill. You get unlimited data for $20 more. you can take my framily ID into a store M00103869lh or call customer service.

    • cb

      you still have room? Down to $25 yet?

      • Izze

        Hey CB, there's still room with my Framily plan, when you sign up use this Framily ID: z00245144jB (case sensitive)

  • Jamieson

    Here is the catch no one is talking about- no more deals on phone’s. They say “no contract needed” but what they really mean is no more contracts allowed. To buy an s4 is $600 and cannot be used on any other network- the equipment works like a contract. To buy out of a contract is $15 a month- the same amount you pay up front on the extra cost of the phone (or if you do a payment plan you will also pay $15 a month for two years) The other thing to consider is that contracts go both ways- theoretically sprint could raise prices on us once we are all out of contract and our $600 sprint cdma phones will keep us locked in….

  • Connie Englund

    Why its this only offered in the major areas? We’d like to try it out in the sticks of South Dakota. too!

  • Candice Savoy

    If anyone is interested, I just signed up and have 7 lines available. Need just 4 more to get to a $25 plan.

    Here's the code: F0008863id

    Last 4 digits of my phone is 4575, just in case you need it.

    • Jeremy

      Hi candace! I’m joining your I’d right now. Thank you for the help!!

  • Izze

    I have have spots available on my Framily plan, use this ID

    z00245144jB (case sensitive)

  • Sean

    E00004034yp Is My Framily ID. 8 Spots Open. Let’s Save Some Money. Been With Sprint For 3 Years. Last Four Digits If You Need It Is 5760.

    • Antoine foster

      Mine is I0006777sf last 4 digits 5332

  • Paul

    Make sure you didn’t make any upgrades before you start up with framily , if you did so before it was released last jan 10 there’s a $15 charge for so called framily service . That makes your $25 go up to $40 , this is billed separately though you have to be careful because there’s a disclaimer that needs to be discussed before you join in the framily , and that is being able to be open with other subscribers on the account since information about your name and phone number is available , your home address is not to be discussed though . But people you really don’t know personally that is on the same account might have their hands on your phone number and we don’t know what to expect when they have it . Lastly for you to be able to have the account added a new line signed up for framily then the 6-9 digits pin code or security answer needs to be disclosed personally between you and the new member because that is an access needed for the guys over the phoneso you can access your framily id line information when u call them . For new customers a store is available for you but for existing then framily is a phone call away .

    • Antoine foster

      Mine is I0006777sf last 4 digits 5332

  • melissah

    Sprint Framily Plan ID #f00562742uU (case sensitive) last 4#6872

  • Join My Framily Plan

    My Framily ID is # A00626475LQ

    • Taran Tomlinson

      what is the last four of your phone number I have 4 lines. Mine is F00977895jv and last 4 are 1916

  • george

    so far the framily plan has been pretty good. feel free to join my group using the following code, at:


  • JCarder

    There’s still room in my Family Plan. When you sign up use this Family ID: F00760507oX

    • JCarder

      my last 4 (phone number) 0948

    • Shooter

      Framily ID # I00491298Yx 3 lines in use, 7 available. Should go fast!! Thanks

  • Shooter

    Framily ID # I00491298Yx 3 lines in use, 7 available. Should go fast.

    • Rob

      Still open? Wife and I are looking. Do we just take the ID into the store?

  • Tabitha

    I have space on my account K00922276oN #9389

    • laura

      hey tabitha. My husband and I just tried to join your plan. They said that YOU would have to initiate it since we’re existing customers (didn’t know this?) If you’d like 2 more people get in touch with me at

  • DM

    With a plan that goes up and down based on how many members you have, doesn’t
    it make sense to join a Sprint Framily Group where the primary member has over 15+ years with Sprint?

    My sprint Framily Code is S01673506Ja (case sensitive). The last four of my phone number is 7014.

    Ijust switched my plan to the framily plan so that I and others can save
    some money. And, if history is any indication, once the first 2-3
    people join, the framily will fill up VERY, VERY quickly. So be one of
    the first 2-3 and watch the savings pile up.

    I am working and will continue to work extremely hard to keep OUR framily at 10 people so we will always enjoy the lowest cost for our cell phone service….

  • Don Jewett

    Here’s my code, need 4 more to get down to $25/month. I01525737gd