Fox News Was Hacked, Maybe, For a Second [UPDATED]

Josh WolfordTechnology

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UPDATE: Fox News has acknowledged the issue on Twitter.

It's an internal production problem, apparently:


For a couple of minutes on Tuesday afternoon, looked just plain silly.

Stuff, yo. Either Fox News has just hired Jesse Pinkman to manage its front page or someone just got hacked. Or someone over there is drunk. Or someone made a dumb mistake. We're guessing it's one of the latter three.

Apart from the strange headlines and subs, many of the articles on the site were very old - we're talking stuff on McDonald's Shamrock Shake.

The site was briefly taken down before popping back up with seemingly normal headlines. As you're probably aware, it's the 5th of November - which is kind of holiday for online hacktivist group Anonymous. Nobody is taking credit for the Fox News situation, at least nobody that I can find per the usual Twitter channels. We'll let you know if and when we find out any more about this.

Josh Wolford
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