Fox News: Punch Obama Voters In The Face

    May 25, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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After the Justice Department called Fox News reporter James Rosen a “co-conspirator” while investigating a leak about North Korea’s nuclear program last week, Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros had quite a bit to say about the Obama administration.

Tantaros grew angry while talking about the scandal on Thursday’s radio show, commenting on the fact that the Justice Department obtained phone and email records for 7 other journalists during a separate investigation.

“Let me tell you how people and journalists are being treated these days,” she said. “They are being stalked. They are being spied on. In Missouri, a news station fired an anchor who talked about the IRS shakedown. Yeah—fired. This is how corrupt the left is. This is what’s happening to our press. This is Obama’s America. It’s like the Soviet Union. He said he would change the country. He said it … and a lot of people voted for him. And if you see any of those people today, do me a favor and punch them in the face.”

  • Dienekes

    A baseball bat would be better, that way I wouldn’t bruise my knuckles on some stumphead.

    • http://victoriavn.com subotai

      Wow, Twisted Denekes, you sure are testing strongly positive for a**hole.

  • Lionsingh

    Fox also supports carrying concealed weapons, try your baseball bat and see what happens dummy….. Fox Network and stupid hosts are promoting a culture of voilence against other humans.
    What happened to civilized journalism?

    • http://victoriavn.com subotai

      My thumb is up on that one. But why do you glorify Cluster Fux News as “journalism”?

      • Lionsingh

        Subotai, you are 100% right on that one.

        • YawningAtLionsingh


      • Tom the Hajjikiller

        You mean the top rated, most watched news org in the world, hajji? Go fuck yourself, Moron. Die soon in your mosque. Where is it?

    • http://www.tednugent.com Whiptress

      *rolleyez… *gag

    • Tom the Hajjikiller

      Carrying guns is a constitutional right. What happened to spelling, idiot? You could use a little violence on your peasized brain, dimocrap.

    • YawningAtLionsingh

      You’re name calling while asking for “civilized” journalism? Haven’t seen a constructive comment from you yet – just more name calling. =yawn=

  • Lord Mock

    She was just trying to be helpful, see if someone voted for obama obviously there is something glitched in their skull so you should attempt a manual reboot.

  • Mike

    Is FOX actually aware that Obama is not a lefty? Really, he isn’t.

  • Dana Marshall

    @subotai and @lionsingh::You two must be the “stumphead” referred to by
    Dienekes. It is so sad that You cannot, nor try to see what the plan is by the Marxist socialists of this country and the green world. The ways of the Soviet Union and the Nazi of WWII Germany and other dictators are about to be thrust upon this country as at the same time some crazies are coming out of the crevices due to intolerance of teaching Truth and Actual caring for others.

    • Lionsingh

      @Dana ..Spending billions on killings and war is not caring by any means. You and dienekes are definetly suffering from Anencephaly.

      • YawningAtLionsingh

        Your opinion is invalid. =yawn=

  • http://YAHOO JAMES

    I Voted for Mr.WMDs and get us into a war we can’t get away from So did a lot of other people so before you send some one to punch me in the face, take real care. I PUNCH back and may not stop there. May punch kick and choke . be careful what you wish for, is it not against the law to insite violence. By the way how many Dems were in that stupid poll? As Bush 43 put it since 9/11 many things have changed. He went to war without congress approval. Isn’t that against the law. Shut up and follow your elected leader. We did with that stubby Texan for 8 years and look what he gave us.

    • Tom the Hajjikiller

      You moron…Congress voted for, declared war and funded it, you revisionist lying prick. You fight like a girl. You are another half monkey half white trash president supporter. You are a hajjiloving peacepussy. Don’t let a little thing like the Constitution bother you, Comrade.

      • Democrats Voted For The War!

        Tom, I agree with your point and appreciate your passion. I can’t buy into the name calling that delves into racism. No need to lower ourselves to their level and distract them from the truth!

    • JamesDoesntKnow

      Bush 43 did have congressional approval – just ask Ms. Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest – they all voted FOR the war. Before you try to rewrite history, you should take some grammar and spelling classes

  • Jewish Max

    I would totally shtup that broad! Me and her – we’d do it every which way but loose! We’d be doin’ it greek style!

    • zeus

      ya sure your heart could take it rabbi? after touching all them young jewish boys you should consider a nap first.

      • Rob

        Get help dude..

  • ken

    I am offering a free 1st class ticket to Tantaros, and and any other Fox News and Obama hater, a trip to Iran, or North Korea, 1 way, where they can spew their hot air to other Anti Americans

    • Tom the Hajjikiller

      You’re the anti-American idiot.

  • http://www.bubblews.com/account/20184-cpefley Colene

    What is happening to this country? We need to be mad at the problem and devise a solution, not kick mud in each other’s face.

    • Lionsingh

      That’s what Fox news and Andrea need to learn….

      • YawningAtLionsingh

        You haven’t learned it yet, Lionsingh. =yawn= Your opinions are now declared invalid.

  • BigLou

    Fox News reporters have a canny way of making you think your listening news of people oppressed, while ending up liking and supporting the oppressors. She’s a classic example of many who are there.. self-righteous and obnoxious !!!

    • Rob

      They know what’s expected of them when there on the air, bash, bash, bash…

      • Tom the Hajjikiller

        Did you mean they’re, dimocrap? Public education on display.

  • Bryan Smith

    I can’t believe that they(Fox News)accually employ journalists! They are more accuratly outspoken Republican’s with bad attiudes.

    • Tom the Hajjikiller

      You can’t spell. Public school? No need to put an apostrophe in a pluralism like Republicans, you retard.

    • Tom the Hajjikiller

      Were you trying to spell actually, you dimocrap, hajjiloving peacepussy??

    • Tom the Hajjikiller

      Are you referring to the top rated, most watched and most trusted news org in the world, moron?

    • Mr. Webster

      I can’t believe you can’t actually spell “actually” – or even accurately spell “accurately”. Don’t even get me started on “attitudes”. Run your comments through spell check before posting – unless you want it to detract from your post. Overall, I’d have to give your post a D+. I’m confident with a little work, you can raise that grade!

  • Tom the Hajjikiller

    FOX NEWS CHANNEL is appropriately named. The best looking, smartest women on TV news.

  • Microgravity

    Freedom of speech and the press–I guess. To lie, insinuate, incite to violence, foment insurrection, promote treason–that what Fox “News” does–so be it, a lot of folks apparently like all that trash.

    • Lawyer Abe

      Those are some serious charges – can you back up your allegations of lies, incite to violence, formenting insurrection and promoting treason, etc? Or did it just sound good when you were writing it?

  • Will

    Bring it on bitch. What comes out of your nose next after I punch back will prove your from a red state.

    • Jim

      Have you ever thought of being a stand up comedian? You….you…you mean you’re being serious? Oops. That’s even funnier!!!!

    • Tom the Hajjikiller

      Will is so scary.

  • douglas

    Rupert Murdoch named the the entity knowing that the word NEWS gave a producer special privileges. It all comes from his success in Britain (and Australia)with tabloidism. It sells. That’s all he cares about. It is sensational and makes him lots of money. Americans are so HUNGRY for their own turn to make more and more money. They call it capitalism, but it has NOTHING to do with capitalism. Most don’t even know what capitalism (the availability of capital) is. We are SOOOOOOO beyond capitalism at this point. This is hedonism. Call it news, they’ll buy it…

    • douglas

      I apologize. My previous comments were way out of line, but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to edit them. I shouldn’t be throwing out a bunch of baseless comments. I’m going to see if I can get some sleep and sober up. Goodnight all!

  • jennifer

    I think jennifer vansyckle could be my babe in the office.