Fox News / Google Debate Wants Your Participation

Aims to be a truly interactive debate

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Fox News / Google Debate Wants Your Participation
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In what will be one in an already packed schedule, Google and Fox News are teaming up for a Republican Presidential Primary Debate this month.

The debate will take place in Orlando, Florida on September 22nd and will be broadcast live on the Fox News Channel as well as streamed live on YouTube.

According to the YouTube blog, this debate will be interactive and rely heavily on user-submitted questions. Beginning today, interested parties can submit their questions for consideration to the Fox News channel via video or text.

Viewers will be able to vote on which questions they want to see the candidates debate –

The Fox News/Google Debate will combine the questions you submit on YouTube with maps, facts and information to enrich and guide the discussion. You can vote thumbs up or down on the questions using Google Moderator, and many of the top-voted will be put straight to the candidates to answer.

From the Fox News side of it, they have announced the moderator for the debate: Fox News host Bret Baier. Fox News’ Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly will also be on the panel.

During the debate, the broadcast will include real-time public data and search trends from Google – a way to visualize the chatter about the questions and the candidates’ answers.

The debate is set to kick off at 9 pm ET.

Fox News / Google Debate Wants Your Participation
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  • Dustin

    Not sure why this makes me sick to my stomach. I want to laugh and cry out at the same time that this stuff is taken seriously by anyone.

    Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber. ~Plato

  • Jason Melick

    Question for the candidates:

    Where do you stand on the refunding of the Secure Fence Act that was passed into law in 2006 but was subsequently defunded and has been continually ignored since by the legislature and the executive branch?

  • David Garrett

    Question for Republican Candidates,
    As President…Would you support implementing the “Fair Tax” structure? If NO Explain Why and What are you going to do with tax code?

  • Suzy

    My questions: will you commit to follow the Constitution, and what will you do specifically to restore this nation as a constitutional republic?

    Secondly – specifically what will you do to reduce the size of and intrusion into the lives of citizens by the federal government?

    Thirdly – what concrete steps will you take to stem and reverse illegal immigration into this nation?

  • http://None Thomas Perry

    Ask: Will you mute Prayer back in schools & back in where it was.

    Thomas Perry
    Pooler Ga. 31322

  • Jim Elkins

    What will you do as The President to protect the citizens of the several states 10th Amendment
    Rights and limit the General government to it’s enumerated power.
    Jim Elkins
    Johns Creek, GA

  • Jerrie dodd

    As President, would you have faith in John Bolton”s foreign policy brilliance, perhaps making him your Sec. of State?

  • http://comcast.net ronald ebbert

    I served 12 years in the U.S. Navy, due to family issues had to cut my career short, I received nothing but educational benefits which I had to supplement in order to attend and medical which are being cut or more difficult to receive. My question is: Serve one term on either side of the isle and you receive benefits for life, so your saying my service and life are of less concern and importance than a first term politician? Explain to me WHY I risk my life and receive nothing more than a welcome home, when a ONE term senator or congressman gets the rest of his life paid for, are they more important than I, when nearly all never served?? Bushnell, IL

    • Ruth dumas

      we should demand changes to the benefits provided to Congress!!! They don’t begin to resemble the benefits typical American workers receive. They should have to pay into social security just like the rest of us, and retirement benefits should be based on reasonable compensation and longevity of service with vesting schedules the rest of us are subject to. Thank you for your service to our country.

  • Terry

    What will the next President do to defend against an inevitable EMP attack?

  • Brett kelly

    Why is MIT and Rick always in the middle way to go main stream!,,

  • Brett kelly

    Typo why are

  • http://MSN Cindy

    If you are elected will you rember that the American people put you in that office? Will you listen to us and the wants of the people or do you already have your own agenda and will make sure what you want is done? How do we know that once in office you would be a President for the people?

  • Felicia

    To Gov Romney – please do not speak in such generalizations! We need you to answer the questions directly and specifically! Tell them why you tried the medicare program in Mass and what you learned from it – that now you know better than ANYBODY what should be invested nationally!

  • sheri harkness

    At the Ronald Reagan Republican debate Newt Gingrich said he would “fire” Ben Bernake of the Federal Reserve on day one of his Presidency. I have heard that it isn’t possible to fire the head of the Federal Reserve Bank. Please explain that.

  • Sheri

    Herm Cain says that it is not necessary to audit the Federal Reserve. There is absolutely no control over the Federal Reserve printing money. Herm Cain also serves as a board member of a Federal Reserve bank. Mr. Cain how can you justify that there is no need for an audit of the Federal Reserve?

  • Lola

    As a senior citizen, can I hope that the COL raises will be restored?

  • g simmons

    for the last ten yrs i ve seen the aircraft mech wages drop or stall but car mech gose up why, ive not seen are wages rasie… an i`m a non unione guy an want to be

  • yvonne

    Rick perry you talk about securing the border but people that live in mexico are aloud to come across the U.S border and shop in Lorado Texas. Explain?

  • yvonne

    rick perry even without a visa illegals come across shop and stay in Lorado Texas then run further in the US. I dont think you been near the border. Explain?

  • http://facebook Mary Liz Danuser

    Am enjoying watching the Republican Debate tonight
    very ,very much.Liz
    Also wish that more Americans could see them when they occur.

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