Fox News / Google Debate Live Tonight, Still Asking For Your Participation

18,000 questions already submitted

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Fox News / Google Debate Live Tonight, Still Asking For Your Participation
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UPDATE: Remember, just in case there’s any confusion, you should direct any questions to the Fox News YouTube channel.

At the beginning of the month, partners YouTube and Fox News announced the interactive Fox News / Google debate that would feature the Republican Presidential Primary candidates answering questions from the online community.

Tonight’s the night for the debate. It will be streamed live on YouTube over at the Fox News channel starting at 9 pm EST. (It will also air on the Fox News TV channel)

According to a Google blog post, over 18,000 questions have been submitted on the Fox News YouTube channel, ranging in topics from immigration reform to health care to social security.

Like discussed before, the debate will feature some of these pre-submitted questions along with live submissions during the debate from folks online. Google will also be setting up real-time voting on the issues and on the candidate’s responses via the YouTube broadcast.

Even if you’re watching on TV, you can visit youtube.com/foxnews during the debate to vote on real-time polling questions and submit live commentary. Throughout the evening, we’ll share Google politics-related search trend information and public data that will provide context to the issues discussed. Fox News moderators will ask specific questions that were submitted by citizens through YouTube, and we’ll be looking at overall trends that emerge from the questions in aggregate.

YouTube will also be hosting a live pre-debate show starting at 8:30.

The debate will be hosted by Fox’s Bret Baier.

Remember to submit your questions to the Fox News YouTube channel.

Fox News / Google Debate Live Tonight, Still Asking For Your Participation
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  • Jonute Svien

    Who is willing to fully repeal Obama care? And why?

    • Scott Maxwell

      I would in a heart beat and replace it with a plan that won’t break this country. This is a bad law made in an illegal process.

      • Elisabeth Adair

        RomneyCare is the blueprint for ObamaCare and it has had to be bailed out by the Feds every year! And Romney will not disavow it! Vote for Romney if you like ObamaCare, rationed healthcare and much higher taxes – let alone poor healthcare!

  • Richard Reimer

    I still want to know how much of my money i should be able to keep

    • VanD63

      As much as possible.

  • Bette Hurd

    I am sick and tired of listening to candidates bashing each other, why
    don’t they remember President Reagan’s 11th commandent. Most of all I
    can’t stand listening to Rommney bash Perry with the same old words for
    the last two weeks. Why don’t they each tell what they will do and let
    the others tell what they will do and let the public judge. Romney is
    getting to sound desparate with the same thing, tell him to just talk
    about himself. When he zips through crowds with a frozen smile and hand
    shakes with everyone he barely looks at them, its like he is on a tread
    mill, he doesn’t shown caring who the people are, he just wants to win.
    Perry shows interest in each individual and actual caring. Why doesn’t
    these talking heads on all Fox shows tell a compassionet side of Perry
    that Megan Kelly showed on her show recently about a young woman in
    Texas who died of cervical cancer, how he was a friend to her, and when
    she died he drove 3 hours to sid and hold her hand and be with her family until she was to weak to visit any longer. All this was done
    without publicity, ask Megyn Kelly about the story her family told,
    it is refreshing to hear that a candidate is compassionet, I don’t
    know any others I have heard except George W. Bush who did things like
    this without publicity. This young woman who died wanted all moms to
    have there have the shot, she said it was a painful way to die. Now
    I don’t know what planet Michele Bachman lives on with 23 children
    but I am consertive grandmother and as much as I hate to say it, but
    it is a fact some, young girls from 10 on up are sexually active even
    whether moms want to believe it or not. I don’t believe the country
    is ready for a woman President and even if they were it would not be
    Michele Bachman or Sara Palin, Michele hops around like a bunny and
    waves like crazy and makes a number of verbal statements. Sarah Palin
    has this squeaky raspy voice and doesn’t have anything different to
    say than any others. The only two that can win are Romney and Perry
    and I don’t believe Romney can beat Obama as bsd as he is because
    Romney is too stiff and does not have the naturall charisma Perry
    has. Perry is more natural and caring. I am a Fox fan and watch all

  • michael jaworski

    rich , some one who can enjoy life , some one who dont have to work weekends ,

  • Wade N. Bradford

    I consider someone wealthy who makes a million $ a year

  • Angela Hagler

    Dear Mr. Gingrich,
    How will the states pay for this job training? Taxpayer dollars?

    • http://yahoo Tony Estes

      What do you want, not do anything?

      • Elisabeth Adair

        Teaching them how to do a job is better than just keeping people on unemployment. It will be less expensive and good for their dignity.

  • Henry England

    I define RICH as ,..having enough money that you can support yourself and your imediate family from this moment to the end of your life, and still have something to leave for your family. a millon dollars is not rich , but it should not be put out of reach from wishful thinking.

  • richard hargrove

    In order to reduce goverment cost/spending, which goverment agency would you eliminate?

    • VanD63

      It wouldn’t necessarily mean the elimination of an agency, but combining them. Do we really need an ATF that does the same thing as the FBI and the department of commerce?

  • shawn

    Are corporations people?

    • Elisabeth Adair

      Fox is for Romney and they won’t ask him any tough questions. Some of their commentators were even tweeting for Romney! Disgusting!

  • http://yahoo Tony Estes

    ask all way want you got us out of these Wars and not cut s.s.?

  • Rudy

    Wealthy: anyone who can afford without borrowing.
    Rich: Anyone who has more than what is needed.
    I fall under none!

  • shawn

    Why is the Tea Party destroying our country?

    • Jeff

      Because they remember when this new country the U.S.S.A., was the U.S.A. Where the citizens individual freedoms and liberties cherished. And with alot of hard work we Tea Party Members will remove Socialist from your countries name, and yes destroy it. Move on and go back to the stone age were you belong progressive.

    • lisa

      how is trying to stop a goverment from controling every aspect of YOUR life, considered destroying it. If you want a goverment that tell you what to do and how to do it, you should think about moving to cuba…where they get all of your money

    • albert

      Why are you so stupid? Don’t you read or do you just drink and run your mouth.

    • phil silliman

      the democrats have already destroyed our country

    • stan from ann arbor

      The TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY group is standing up for all americans … they believe in the Constitution ; cap on spending ;a balanced budget and many qualities that many have fought and died to defend
      I support all who espouse these ideals and the group you mentioneded are great americans who stand tall and proud to be heard

  • Carol

    Wealthy? Anyone who has more money than me!

  • BJ

    Why is anybody receiving govt. money allowed to vote?

    • Dianna

      that has to be the DUMBEST question ever!!! Why don’t you just ask why people who get food stamps can buy cereal!!!

  • John Mazurek

    Rich is: if you can stop working!!

  • doug newcombe

    While a consumption tax sounds fair, doesn’t it hurt lower income people the hardest? And what about people like me who have a large family? The fair tax sounds more like a family tax to me. Where am I wrong?

    • Jeff

      If a national sales tax was adopted it would need to replace the income tax, and all other taxes completely. Understand, If your taxed when you are paid, or you are taxed when you spend, it really doesn’t matter. You, and most citizens spend ALL that they make. With a national Flat sales tax, you could at least choose to not spend it all, and that amount would be tax free. Oh, and no more filing returns, no more IRS, no more under the table tax evaders, even drug money would be spent and taxed.

  • Jimmy-Wayne Cauthen

    I define rich as being much better off today that I was yesterday. Being rich is relevant. On my poorest day history tells me millions were much poorer than me.

  • http://www.floridainsurancesavings.com/ Florida Life

    I like what Marco Rubio recently said, “We need more Taxpayers not more taxes”. The money that is wasted by our Governemnt is insane. Is that Politically Incorrect?

  • missy w

    A household above the current poverty guidelines….. a household that has the ability to meet basic expenses. – Wealth.
    – The lines of class have been blurred in these recent years. I find myself feeling rich. I have health insurance. I have employment. We are educated. We have our health.
    We are also aware that this ‘wealth’ could change any moment. So, we take nothing for granted. We humbly wait…we hope…we pray… for one vision. ..For our leaders to unite in strength and stand up for the people in this country that are suffering. God Bless America…God Bless our men and women who fight for our hope – for our freedoms…for our America.

  • T. Olson

    Make the candidates answer the questions!

  • Dianna

    I like Cain, but do not think he is electable.

    • Kelli

      He might make a great VP!

  • jeff meholick

    How will you fix Social Security? I pay in and will never see a penny of it and it’s wrong.

  • Glenard HodgesGlenard Hodges

    Weathy is anyone making more than 200,000

  • Macon Patton

    Who would all there candidates vote for if not themselves?

    • Macon Patton

      These candidates*

  • dan

    Would you dismantel the energy department, one trillion in expenses, no energy created

  • Patricia Lozon

    Please just have one person on this panel tell me just how much I should take home…No one will answer this question…..ask all of them!!!

  • Dianna

    I have worked since I was 16 and have paid into unemployment so, it is not getting paid for doing nothing!! since I got ill and had to quit work, I did not even qualify for it!!!

  • Annie

    please ask……How do you plan on bringing jobs back to the US from China, India and Mexico?

    • Angela Daley

      Yes!!! and this speaks to the need for more right to work states.
      John HUntsman is the man, experience in all areas we need. why is he so ignored??? He’s had success as businessman and governor.
      What is going on?

  • http://FoxnewsyoutubeChannel Dawn

    The Fed Government is taking over our State rights! What do u p,an to do about all the Crazy Regulations and mind boggling rules daily, as well as insane fines they levy on small business and well as individuals ? Who do you really think is running this country?

  • Jim Sandlin

    Gov. Perry
    Would you require applicants for Welfare to have drug testing like it is now when being interviewed for employment.
    The other men and women the same question

  • Cheryl Allen

    The lighting in the audience is distracting because it has hot spots. Brit’s mic has an echo. In the first debate the candidates went dark for a while. Why has the technical quality of your debates gone down since the last election cycle?

  • Chesley

    Why does everyone seem to answer the peoples questions based on potential votes rather than total truth and honesty and then trust the people to decide on truth rather than hype?

  • Cassandra

    Enough of the Perry Romney hour.

  • James

    Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is the best Ive heard so far, it shows a true sense of reform…….Romney’s tax plan of pandering to the middle class shows he’s nothing but a stuffed shirt, no real change from Romney …….

  • Marcus Nix

    Why is there a lot of lips service concerning income tax reform?

  • Patricia Lozon

    I have watch all debates why do they mud sling please askthem what they stand for!!! i do not what to hear a bunch of bull I what to hear what do they care about!!!…..please stop the mud sling!!!!!!!!
    We will never better the current president!!!!!!STOP!!!!!!

  • J. Kane

    How Ron Paul end the wars and bring the troops jome in a timely fashion ?

  • Kelli

    I find it interesting that Mitt Romney wants to help the middle class by eliminating the tax on the interest I earn from SAVINGS….hmmmmm… I don’t know many middle class people who earn enough interest on savings that is currently being taxed. Our savings is our retirement plan or our children’s college plan. We can’t afford to have the type of money in a regular taxable interest-bearing savings account. If you want to earn our trust…. stop the smoke and mirrors.

  • stuart j. harlow Sr

    Rich is independent income for life of $200,000 per year or more.

  • Patricia Lozon

    Love me some Gabridge!!!!not sure of the spelling!!!

  • albert

    why don’t we drug test people on welfare. We test people who want state and goverment jobs, so people on welfare are getting tax payers money, so drug test them and if they fail, remove them.

    • Dianna


  • Eugene Watson

    Newt has the best political mind and should get more recognition, he is the one that the democrats fear the most

  • shawn

    Rick Scott needs a new job. Would any of the candidates be willing to give him a job in their administration.

  • Jimmy-Wayne Cauthen

    Social security IS a scheme as is the tax code. What else do they have in common?

    Answer: both have values DICTATED by the senseless !

  • Carolyn Shipp

    I and other senior citizens , would like to know ‘When will we get a COLA??”

  • bill

    i don’t believe romney answered if obama is a socialist. please ask him again

  • Jack

    The time has come to get the country’s financial house before we all will have to learn Chinese.

    • Jack

      Sorry left out after word house ‘in order’

  • paul cummins

    for the past 30 years, since 1980, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, middle class wages have flat-lined at less than 1% growth. Over the exact same period, corporate productivity and corporate pay has grown by 80-90%, and executive salarys have grown by 300-400%. The drive by boards of directors and stockholders have pushd corporations to take control of government. It looks like capitalism itself may be broken. This devide has produced the non only a shrinking middle class but the largest numbers in poverty in a century. Just tax increases is not enough to rectify nor is deregulation. The wholse system is terribly broken. Where do we start. thank you. Paul Cummins

  • Bruce Domen

    the debate is good but lets not let perry and romney dominate this debate!!!!

  • Steve

    Go Cain Go !

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