Fox News Defends the Homeland, Copies Bioshock Infinite Logo

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Bioshock Infinite, the third installment of the Bioshock series, was released to nearly universal acclaim in 2013. The game, widely regarded as a return to glory for the series after a bit of a stumble on Bioshock 2, has entered the pop culture lexicon with its striking visual design and compelling storyline.

Much of the action in Bioshock Infinite takes place in Columbia, a pseudo-Christian "utopian" society where racism (the white supremacy type) and classism is pretty much institutionalized. The city, floating in the sky, was built on a platform of American exceptionalism by a religious zealot who is worshipped as a prophet. The city is littered with over-the-top American iconography – even to the point of having the Founding Fathers held up as religious figures.

Hold that thought.

Earlier this week, Fox News decided to run this graphic for a segment concerning immigration reform entitled "defending the homeland"

That image comes from the Facebook page of Ken Levine, creator of Bioshock Infinite.

Hm. That kind of looks like...

In order to steer clear of political commentary, I'll just let Ken Levine handle it:

Image via Ken Levine, Facebook

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