Foursquare Check-in Nets Cheaper Gas at Murphy USA

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As gas prices have continued to climb, topping $4 in many parts of the U.S., one fuel retailer is harnessing to power of social media to bring in customers.

Murphy USA, a gas station chain located adjacent to Walmarts and Sam's Clubs, is offering a deal on gas if you check-in using Foursquare. In all of its 1,000+ locations, a check-in will save you $2 off a purchase of $20.

If there was any way to promote Foursquare check-ins right now, it would be with gas deals. Americans are losing their minds over the high prices at the pump.

Check in for cheap(er) gas! RT @MurphyUSA Gas Prices are on the rise again; so are our sweet @foursquare Specials - $2 off $20 gas purchase! 2 hours ago via Twitter for Mac · powered by @socialditto

Murphy USAGas Prices are on the rise again, but so are our sweet @Foursquare Specials - $2 off your $20 gas purchase when you check-in!

What seems like a pretty cut and dry fun little deal is receiving some interesting feedback on Facebook. The above post has already received a bunch of comments and the vast majority aren't positive. Many comments ask "What is Foursquare" while one asks "How do I check in LOL?" Many state that they feel left out of the deal because they don't have a smartphone, and ask if they can still get $2 off. Well, if that worked then Murphy would have just lowered the price of gas for everyone, wouldn't they?

It seems as though people have a disconnect between coupons and location based deals like this. Nobody would ask for the same deal an actual coupon holder received if they didn't have the paper coupon themselves. Maybe they aren't seeing the check-in as just that, a virtual paper coupon.

Last year, Internet Business Director for Murphy USA Casey Petersen spoke about check-in strategies for business. At that time, they were using Whrrl to "engage customers and build loyalty."

Check-in deals are most likely only going to increase in frequency moving forward. Hopefully they can help people to find savings in everyday activities and allow businesses to better connect with their customer base.

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