Foursquare Asks Users to Help Make the App More Informative

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Foursquare has spent the past year or so making a bunch of alterations to its apps with one clear goal in mind: Foursquare wants to be the go-to place for local search and discovery. Foursquare is taking on Yelp, Google Places, Urbanspoon, and more. Remember that "going beyond the check-in" line that Foursquare has been using for years? Well, now they're getting serious about it.

Earlier this year, a major app update put local search and recommendations front and center, and since then Foursquare has been making tweaks to turn the app into a premier place to find information about locations. For one, they completely redesigned them to make them more photo-rich and to contain more of the info that users want when looking for a place to eat, drink, or see a show on the go. A couple of months ago, they expanded menus on restaurant pages in a partnership with Locu.

Today, they're looking to make business pages even more informative by crowdsourcing their research. With an app update, Foursquare is bringing quick questions to the app that ask users about key features of the locations they're checking into.

For instance, after you check-in to a restaurant, Foursquare might ask you if the place has free Wi-Fi...or if it has outdoor seating...or if they accept all types of credit cards.

Basically, Foursquare wants users to help them display more information on business pages.

Speaking of Foursquare and businesses, the company recently opened up their self-serve ad platform to thousands of small businesses - and they are continuing to allow more businesses to apply for the program every day.

The last major app update to Foursquare for iOS was dedicated to speed improvements, making the app start up and load locations for check-ins twice as fast.

You can grab the new Foursquare for iOS and Android today.

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