Four Asthma Myths You Should Stop Spreading

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When summer weeds and pollen are at their peak, asthma sufferers just wish they could stay inside the rest of the season. If you know someone with asthma, it is helpful if you understand the difficulty they go through. But there are also some common myths about asthma that you should know about so you can help when help is needed.

Myth: Asthma Sufferers Shouldn't Exercise

When non-sufferers think of exercise, they think of all the heavy breathing that aerobic exercise involves. It may be tempting to think that this is bad for asthma sufferers. In fact, for most sufferers, exercise can help. Regular exercise can help improve lung function. It can also help in maintaining a healthy body weight, which aids breathing.

Myth: Asthma Medications are Addictive

The medications themselves are not addictive. However, since asthma is a chronic disease, sufferers commonly use their medication once or twice a day on a regimen. While rescue inhalers are used only as needed, maintenance medications are intended to be taken regularly. This is not an addiction, but rather a prescribed maintenance schedule that can help prevent the need for emergency medications and treatment in most sufferers.

Myth: Rescue Inhaler Steroids are the Same as Athletic Steroids

Steroids used by asthma sufferers are corticosteroids, which are anti-inflammatory drugs. Those sometimes used by athletes are anabolic steroids.

Myth: Asthma is a Psychological Condition

Asthma is a physical problem. The sufferer's lungs and immune system over-react to irritants and other triggers in the air. While some stressors may aggravate this reaction more than usual, the problem is still one of the immune system, not a mental one.

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