Fountain Theft Might Get Woman Jail Time Over $2.87

    October 17, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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An Ohio woman who says she is battling mental health issues and can’t find a job was recently spotted by a police officer while taking change from a fountain; the officer charged her with theft after finding $2.87 in change in her pockets, and now the town is rallying around the woman.

Deidre Romine says she didn’t know that taking change from a fountain was wrong and was only looking for some cash to feed herself and her pets. The story resonated with residents in Bellefontaine, who have raised more than $1,000 to help Romine and keep her from losing her apartment.

“Soon as the cop asked me what I was doing and I was afraid to tell him. The money didn’t belong to anybody so I just took it out of there,” Romine said. “I’m trying to feed myself and I’ve got four cats I’m raising and I’m trying to feed them.”

Romine has a case worker through mental health services in her county, but the community is trying to spread the word about her story so that when people hear why she was arrested, they’ll know what her motivation was.

“We want the community to know the why rather than just the headline that she got arrested and we also want to help her out,” Will Zell, who is leading an online donation drive for Romine, said.

Romine’s court date is set for November 25.

Image: 10TV.com

  • Reality

    Reminds me of the guy in California serving a life sentence for stealing tube socks — no that is not made up. People have lost all concept of what is moral in this nation. We cling to the “technicalities” of the law and think we are righteous for doing so.

    There are tons of stories like this in our jails and prisons. People who did next to nothing get arrested and sent to jail. Yet, go to Washington, where politicians are literally stealing hundreds of thousand of dollars and sometimes millions, and a cop would not even think to arrest them. A mentally ill woman, who is jobless and soon to be homeless, is okay to arrest and punish over the amount of money it takes to buy two packs of gum. Obvious crooks with a history of being crooks won’t even be touched.

    Only in America. You know when we all die and stand before God he is going to ask us if we did the moral things and not the legal things. I can see him now …… Really? You persecuted a person over $2.87? You tried to take away a persons life over $2.87? Oh I have met your kind before ….. you were the ones who condemned my son because of the law.

    Then again, who am I kidding, we incarcerate more people than any other country in the world and in fact, the history of the world. Yet, we call ourselves free. We are most certainly not free.

  • Common Sense

    Whatever happened to common sense in this nation? Let’s look at just this week:

    1. Arresting a fountain thief over $2.87. Obviously a woman who needs help and not arresting.
    2. Banning tag at recess.
    3. Banning footballs, soccer balls at recess.
    4. Arresting and suspending a girl for picking up her drunk girlfriend from a party.
    5. Faking an attack at an elementary school but not telling the kids — so they supposedly can be educated?

    America has lost all of its common sense. We have become a nation of morons and petty people.