Found It By A Dumpster!

    August 20, 2003

We recently rented a flat in Europe where we are carrying on research. We really needed to create a better workspace. We have two computer systems and no desks to put them on. We don’t want to buy desks. They are bulky, heavy and costly to move! What was our solution?

We had shopped around a lot. Everything was too expensive and didn’t give us the value we require. We finally “visualized” what we needed — a solid core door and legs to make a table. But such a door is expensive! Armed with this strong, positive goal, we took a walk to the grocery. On the way we found our solid core door where somebody had trashed it (most trashed doors are unusable hollow-core ones). We scored!

Now for the legs. We had researched options earlier — all expensive! We found several pieces of cabinetry trashed which were the perfect height and width. Well……probability of finding brackets and screws is very low…so we purchased four large brackets and screws for under $12. We always carry some tools. Within 2 hours we put together our perfect work station.

Business Application — Know what you really require. Visualize it! Get rid of pre-conceived notions. Your best solution could be staring you in the face. Maybe even by a dumpster!

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