Fortune: Google Still Top Place To Work

By: Doug Caverly - January 22, 2008

To the best of my knowledge, no one suggested that Google was pulling a gigantic bait and switch – laying out candy and comfortable chairs, and then chaining its employees to their desks.  But the lack of such a plot has been confirmed, since Google has won Fortune’s "best place to work" award for the second year in a row.

Fortune chose not to mention the company’s perks in a brief write-up; most of us are presumably pretty familiar with them already.  Instead, it notes, "In the pastFortune: Google Still Top Place To Work year, Google continued to mint millionaires as the stock cracked $700, a benefit that helped land Google in the top spot on FORTUNE’s list since the company gives stock options to 99% of employees."

We have to wonder, though: given that the stock has now sunk to $575 (and is likely to go down farther as the entire market more or less crashes), will anyone’s opinion of Google change?  Companies that don’t rely on stock incentives might seem more attractive in the current market conditions.

Of course, as we hinted earlier, Google’s masseuses, dog policies, and free food are all still in place, so no mass exodus from Mountain View should occur.  Still, next year’s list from Fortune may have a different company at the top.

Doug Caverly

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