Former McDonald’s CEO Passes Away

    January 17, 2005

Charlie Bell, former CEO of McDonald’s who stepped down from the position in November due to colorectal cancer, died at the age of 44.

Bell had been battling the disease for the past 8 months. He was given the diagnosis just weeks after he was named CEO of McDonald’s.

Bell was in his hometown Sydney, Australia, when he passed away.

Charlie was determined not to let his illness stop him doing what he loved most – working for McDonald’s,” said McDonald’s Australia chief executive Guy Russo in a statement.

“As we mourn his passing, I ask you to keep Charlie’s family in your hearts and prayers,” said McDonald’s chief executive Jim Skinner.

According to a Herald Sun article,

“He underwent surgery and chemotherapy, delegating authority to other senior executives before relinquishing the post in November to undergo intensive treatment.

Mr Bell, who was McDonald’s first non-American CEO, took up the position after his predecessor, Jim Cantalupo, died of a heart attack after little more than a year in the post.”

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