Forget The Excuses! JUST DO IT.

    November 25, 2003

It’s 6:30am. The shrill scream of the alarm awakens you to yet another work day. You sleepily haul yourself out of bed to face another day at the office.

The driver behind you blares his horn as you suffer your daily commute to work. When you finally arrive, you cruise around looking for a parking space.

Finally you find one and you head into the office. You need some coffee to wake yourself up. With your hand wrapped securely around a warm mug, you head for your desk… only to get your jacket caught on the edge of a cubicle, spilling coffee over your expensive jacket and down the front of your new pants.

But that’s okay – really! You won’t be in the office for long today; you have to go to a meeting with your kid’s teacher … which means you also need to ask your boss for time off. And while you’re at it, you can also talk to him about your performance review. But first you’ll have to make a copy of your report – if the photocopier’s been fixed.

Sound familiar? These frustrations and many others are part of the everyday lives of thousands upon thousands of employees. Not surprisingly, many people have a dream of working from home – away from the world of inflexible schedules, long commutes, dressing up, and dealing with bosses.

So what holds people back? Why aren’t more people taking the plunge and starting their own businesses?

What from I can tell, it’s mainly two things: FEAR and PERCEIVED LACK OF TIME.

The “fear” thing is pretty simple. No one likes to fail, and most people don’t like change. Going from employee with a steady income and stable job (well … as stable as things get in this age of corporate downsizing) to self-employed is a big step.

Many people also believe that they’re just too busy to start their own Internet businesses. You know … demanding full-time job, family commitments, volunteer work, yard work, housework, whatever work …

Believe me, I know – I was the master of excuses! Every time I thought about starting my own Internet business, I’d come up with an excuse. When I ran out, I made up new (and increasingly creative) excuses. Until one day I finally decided that I would just DO IT … that I would MAKE it work!

Yes, it’s exhausting. But you’ll be surprised at how ultra- efficient you become at creating “extra” time! The beauty of online businesses is that you can work it entirely in your spare time. Is it worth it?

You bet it is. Everything you do is for YOU and YOUR FAMILY … not someone else’s company! Many people, including myself, find themselves leaving the office at the end of a long day …

… only to eagerly hit the computer at home! I’m practically breathless with anticipation while I wait for my email … until I see the magic words “You’ve made a sale!”. When you’re working for yourself you tend to have a lot more energy to devote to your business.

What’s my point? Just this:

  • If you’re tired of the 9-5 grind or just prefer to be your own boss, you can do something about it.
  • Even if you think you don’t have time to start your own Internet business, you can always FIND time if you’re determined. 1 hour a day, in 5-minute increments, is still 1 hour a day!
  • Persistence and hard work pay off. It might take some time, but it WILL pay off.
  • Don’t just dream about working from home … DO IT! It’ll never happen if you don’t even try. Forget the excuses … Take action! Research business opportunities, experiment with websites, talk to others … just do something!
  • With hard work and determination, you could be saying goodbye to work as a full-time employee … and hello to a successful homebased Internet business of your own!

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