Forgent and Microsoft Swap Lawsuits

    April 25, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Long-running JPEG format conflict heats up in the courts, as each firm files new claims against the other.

Austin-based Forgent, holder of US patent 4,698,672 related to technology behind JPEG compression, has filed suit against Microsoft for patent infringement.

“It’s unfortunate that, despite Microsoft’s recent inquiries about licensing the patent, they chose to file a lawsuit, leaving us no alternative but to assert infringement claims against it,” Richard Snyder, chief executive of Forgent, said in a statement.

Microsoft had filed a federal suit last week, requesting the patent be declared unenforceable.

“(Forgent) is subverting the JPEG standard to extract millions of dollars in unwarranted profits,” Microsoft’s lawsuit states. The Redmond-based technology giant had no other comment on the lawsuit.

Forgent has a significant interest in protecting this patent, a component in the JPEG photo compression standard. Over the past three years, Forgent has licensed the technology to firms and generated around $100 million in fees.

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