Ford Recalls Thousands of Focuses

    February 8, 2005

Ford is recalling 358,857 2000-02 model-year Ford Focus cars due to rear passenger doors not latching properly.

The cars were all sold or are registered in 20 states in the eastern and midwestern U.S.

“The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns an occupant could suffer serious injury if the door doesn’t latch properly and comes opens while the vehicle is in motion.

Ford dealers will evaluate rear door latches and install a lower rocker panel seal to the door. Latches that pass inspect will be lubricated to prevent future corrosion. Those that fail inspection will be replaced free of charge.”

“A buildup of corrosion at the pawl pivot area of the rear door latch can cause a binding condition of the pawl that may affect proper engagement of the pawl into the catch,” said a bulletin posted by NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation.

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